2.3 million Palestinians from Gaza in Albania!

2023-11-10 08:36:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
2.3 million Palestinians from Gaza in Albania!
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

One of the most complicated problems in the world, the Arab-Israeli conflict, will be solved by Albania.

And it is not simply about giving ideas and thoughts, which we have never lacked, but about a practical solution: the Europeanization of the Palestinians.

Albania can offer itself for the 2.3 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip to come and settle in the strip from Shkodra to Saranda. (minus Shengjin and Gjadër area). This belt can be called Shqipa belt.

By choosing this strip, the Palestinians will again have the sea nearby and will not miss much desert and endless wars with Israel. At last this suffering people will not pause, from one war to another, but will find the lost peace in the ancient Arbno lands.

Since everyone has failed to achieve peace between Israel and Palestine, since no one is thinking of stopping the war that has started between Israel and Hamas, since the whole world on one side is watching and on the other side we only see protests in EU capitals -s-, the time has come for a permanent solution through concrete actions - 2.3 million residents of Gaza come here and thus not only calm the world, but also solve the big problem - the departure of over two million Albanians from Albania. (In the civil registry, for the first time in these 30 years, we will have an ideal match between the theoretical number of 4.5 million inhabitants and the number of inhabitants living in Albania)

Albania can no longer tolerate the protracted conflict and endless suffering in Gaza.

Albania is obliged to take this action in the first place in respect of its tradition of hospitality. "The home belongs to the friend and the pilgrim" - say the Canon of Lekë Dukagjin. Imagine when the traveler is in trouble.

Secondly, what we are doing is a continuation of the honor we did to the Jews during the Second World War. Then we saved them from Nazi persecution, while today from problematic neighbors who want to live in their own house, but throw stones at their neighbor's house as well. Israel is saved from the terrorism of Hamas, the Palestinians live in peace and abundance on the shores of the Adriatic.

Thirdly, we have a great obligation to the USA, which has done so much for the Albanian nation. Even with this gesture, we probably won't be able to repay the historical debt - the salvation of Albania and Kosovo.

Fourthly, we have an obligation to the Arab world, as part of the European continent, responsible for the state in which Muslim societies are today.

Fifthly, Albania has well understood that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not a religious or racial conflict, it is not a war between good and evil, it is a tragedy between two peoples who have rights. The Palestinians are in their home, the Jews have no other place to call home. It's like two people fighting over the same house, and if it was about real estate, Albania has the skills to end conflicts.

Until today, no country, no international institution, no NGO, no media, no intellectual, no one has managed to provide a solution to the bloody Arab-Israeli conflict. But, Albania has given evidence that it does what no one thinks of.

For example, no EU country had the idea to solve the problem of immigration from North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Italy in trouble, although the third economic power of the EU was not giving a solution to the issue of illegal immigrants - and here came the prime minister of Albania and like a true gentleman - he extends one hand to Italy and with the other hand to the EU - of a lecture on how to face the challenge of migration.

Even when it came to solving the problem of the Afghans, after the return of the Taliban to power, Albania was the only one that offered itself to wait as long as necessary. We could not shame our tradition and we could not forget that once we "were Afghans".

What about the issue of the Iranian opposition that no country had the courage to take on?

How can Albania, which has lived for a long time under dictatorship and knows very well what it means to live without opposition, accept that Iran, this great country, remains without opposition?! What about the Uyghurs?

In this way, Albania shows the world that here there is harmony not only between different religions, but also between different oppositions. In the country, there is no sign of tension between the Afghan opposition, the Iranian opposition, the African opposition (soon to be established in Shengjin) and tomorrow the Arab opposition that will be established in the Albanian belt.

The only problem and source of tension is the Albanian opposition, but this is an internal matter of no importance, given the great problems the world is facing. We cannot be selfish and talk about democracy issues in the country, when the world is going to hell...

Here we are talking about world stability and Albania, as a responsible member of the Security Council, cannot let the world go like a wedding towards the Third World War.

With the resolution of the Gaza strip, Albania also makes a great contribution to the war in Ukraine, because the attention to this war will be complete, comprehensive and unwavering.

On this occasion, Albania gives 1 more year to the Security Council and the great powers to achieve peace between Russia and Ukraine, otherwise, as in the case of Afghans, Iranians, Africans and Arabs, it will be forced to solve it alone the problem.

Can anyone ask how much this operation costs and what does Albania gain? This question hurts Albania's feelings a lot. It's not even about money. First of all, we must not forget that we are human and very temporary in this world. We will take nothing with us, except good deeds..

... Don't forget Albania may really have a small butt, but it makes the egg big!

12:57 Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

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