Eyes from the sky/ It's raining meteors tonight

2023-01-03 21:36:00, Kuriozitete CNA
Eyes from the sky/ It's raining meteors tonight
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A shower of meteors is expected this evening. The Quadrantids meteor shower could be the biggest this year.

The American Meteor Society announces that the meteor shower can be seen between the late hours of the night of January 3rd and the dawn of January 4th.

However, this display is extremely difficult to observe due to the short six-hour peak and the often inclement January weather in the Northern Hemisphere. 

A bright, almost full moon will make the meteor shower even less visible.

Unlike most meteor showers that originate from comets, the Quadrantids have been found to originate from an asteroid. In this meteor shower, around 50 to 120 visible meteors are expected in one hour./ BA - CNA.al

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