"Thank you for everything you give to the people" / Begaj congratulates Tinka Kurti on his 90th birthday

2022-12-17 16:04:00, Kulturë CNA

"Thank you for everything you give to the people" / Begaj

The President of Albania, Bajrma Begaj, today congratulated the great Albanian artist, Tinka Kurti on her 90th birthday.

Begaj, describing her as a pride of the Albanian nation, heartily congratulated the actress on her birthday, thanking her for her contribution to art.

" Happy Tinka Kurti, the great lady of the Albanian Theater and Cinema

Great people, and artists among them, obviously, are not only the pride of a nation, but also the models or examples of inspiration with which a people identifies.

Such is the "People's Artist", "Honour of the Nation" Tinka Kurti, who comes to us today on her 90th birthday with the greatness of her work dedicated to our people and nation, with the nobility of the great lady of the theater and Albanian film.

Heartily happy Tinka Kurti!

Thank you for everything you have given and give to the people who love you, who honor you and who feel proud of your name and work!", he said./ CNA.al

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