Photo+Video-Denunciation/ Sewage near "Prestige Resort" floods the 300 million government investment

2022-08-31 14:02:00, Denoncim CNA

Photo+Video-Denunciation/ Sewage near "Prestige Resort" floods the 300

The discharge of waste water into the sea is specifically prohibited in the law "On the integrated management of water resources", specifically Article 67, but the implementation of the legislation continues to be questioned.

A stream located next to the Prestige Resort, in the area of ??Mount Rob, for which the Government has paid 300 million lek, to be concreted, is serving as a collection point for waste water, which flows into the sea.

It was invested, it was concreted and after the inspection, it turned out that there is sewage spillage.

CNA.al has not been able to provide data on the source of the waste water that flows into this stream near the Prestige Resort, but the fact is that it passes by the side of this resort and the waste water flows into the sea.

In the videos provided by CNA.al, it can be seen that the stream is filled with sewage, a scandal that neither the Government's investment nor concreting could stop.

Who is the cause of this situation, which has destroyed the investment of 300 million of the Government?

Below are the videos and photos from the scene. /CNA.al






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