"500 euro implant"/ Director of NJVKSH Fier abuses his position, works privately in Tirana

2024-03-04 21:07:00, Denoncim CNA

"500 euro implant"/ Director of NJVKSH Fier abuses his position, works

Some time ago, the show "Stop" on TV Klan broadcasted the problem of the lack of methadone in the hospital of Fier for patients who want to get rid of drug addiction. Through the show's hidden camera, it turned out that doctors were issuing prescriptions for bribes. When a whistleblower complained to the director of the Fier Local Health Care Unit, Arbër Arapi, the latter put pressure on him.

Arbër Arapi, who has just returned to the position of head of NJVKSH Fier, is a dentist by profession. A dental clinic in Fier bears his name. The infiltrated patient of the "Stop" show is related to Dr. Arbrin, who during his working hours as a manager, talks about private work and works at the "Esel" dental clinic in Tirana.

Stop: I was at your clinic, but I didn't find anyone there, I didn't find it open.

Arbër Arapi, director of NJVKSH FIER: I have a meeting now at 11 o'clock, that's why I'm telling you. If I finish quickly, I'll call you directly. Where are you now? I just finished.

Stop: Shall I come to the clinic?

Arbër Arapi, director of NJVKSH FIER: Ok! Good! I will be in Tirana tomorrow, also, we will meet in Tirana to finish the scanner. You need four, two here, one up, one down. Two here, one, one. 500 euros an implant.

Stop: You told me that you were at work, at the Polyclinic, did you tell me to come?

Arbër Arapi, director of NJVKSH FIER: No, I am at the Directorate of Public Health.

Stop: What address? (for the meeting in Tirana)

Arbër Arapi, director of NJVKSH FIER: Maybe in "Astir". Ok, I'm coming to Tirana, I'll take you on the phone, because I can also be there at "Fusha e Aviacionito", so that you can be closer, because I have to meet someone.

"Stop" contacts the clinic in Tirana to schedule an appointment.

"Esel" Clinic: Yes. From 12 o'clock?

Stop: Further?

Clinic "Esel": Here I speak and I say. 11!

Stop: From 11 o'clock? With Dr. Arbrin or not? Arab?

Clinic "Esel": Yes, doctor Arbrin, Arapin.

Arbër Arapi calls the infiltrated patient of the show "Stop" and makes an appointment with her at the same time when she should be in his office where he exercises his duties as the head of the institution.

Arbër Arapi, director of NJVKSH FIER: 12?

Stop: Yes, then I am released.

Arbër Arapi, director of NJVKSH FIER: Ok! Good! You are coming to Astir, better!

To prove to the dentist that he is lying, "Stop" calls the journalist who scheduled the appointment and asks her about the time and the person she scheduled.

Reporter: At 11 o'clock! Yes! I spoke with the clinic and it guaranteed me that you would be at the clinic at 11 o'clock. what time is it now Yes, you were late, just as I would be late.

In the call between the journalist and the clinic, she is told that the doctor is also on his way.

"Esel" Clinic: No, now the doctor is also coming. Yes, coming.

"Stop" calls the clinic in front of the doctor who confirms again that he is there.

Clinic "Esel": Hello!

Journalist: Hello! Is Dr. Arbri here, please?

Clinic "Esel": Who are you, please?

Reporter: A patient.

Clinic "Esel": Come on, yes, come on!

"Stop" was also interested in the clinic in Fier to learn about the operation of the staff directed by Arbër Arapi. It turned out that many of the employees do not even show up for work and continue to be paid as a blatant case of abuse.

Stop: How did you do? Please, I want dentist Valbona Tafa! Where can I find it?

Employee: In Roskovec!

Stop: It's not here? Dentist Valbona Tafa wanted, please!

Employee: It's not here. Who did you love it for?

Stop: For yourself. when is it coming

Employee: When is it coming?

Stop: Don't you have his number?

Employee: I can't open it.

Stop: Who is currently replacing him? If the doctor does not come, who else will replace her, so that I can organize myself?

Employee: We are all doctors here.

Stop: Kreshnik Cjapi, the Mental Health nurse, where can I find him, please?

Employee: Not here!/tvklan.al

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