Secrets you should share before you die

2023-06-05 09:07:00, Kuriozitete CNA

Secrets you should share before you die

It cannot be said precisely how the idea of ??"spring cleaning" first appeared. But around this time of year, you, me, and billions of other people dig through closets and hidden boxes in our attics or garages. We say to ourselves: "It's time to put some order in all the chaos!"

So we get down to business, and we're usually pleased to succeed in the end. Whether you accept the challenge this time or any other time, the reality is that if you don't get your stuff out, one day someone else will.

And this is more than true. Because when you are dead, people will pass through their hands everything you had. . . boxes and files, web browsing history, texts and emails, your bills and bank details, lockers and junk drawers. Nothing will escape their search.

Everything will be exposed. They may be pleased with the treasures they find, as was the case with a friend of mine who discovered a wad of cash in her late husband's desk drawer. Or maybe they will find things that make them sad.

And because you won't be there to explain what's confusing or apologize for the shocking revelation, these people can be surprised in a very negative way. But here's a word of hope: "It's not too late to do something about the things your relatives will find when you're no longer in this world."

A now deceased world famous thinker, orator and writer was my friend. By that, I don't mean that we only met once in some TV studio. He was really my friend. As his literary agent, I have been involved in almost every book he has written, negotiating, along with my colleagues, his book publishing contracts.

He and I often exchanged messages with each other. The week he died, in the spring of 2020, I was looking closely at the photos posted by his family on social media, especially those near the end of his life. I cried for the loss of my friend.

But in the months that followed, disturbing things began to surface about this once revered man. Secrets began to spread disturbing news about a life that was emerging that he had lived in secret. So the shameful behavior of decades, which he had managed to keep hidden from the public, came to light.

Few of those who thought they knew him best had any idea of ??his shadowy life until after his death. I mention this man only for one reason, which I hope neither I nor you will forget. When we die, people will go through our things. All our things.

Things hidden in desks and cupboards or in cardboard boxes, in attics or basements. All will be checked. And that review will also include electronic documents and things we've done online. The words we said. . . or by email. . .. Messages will be revealed, revealing the things we have spoken or written. 

Jesus referred to this future reality: "There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. What you have said in darkness will be heard in the light of day, and what you have whispered in the inner chambers will be proclaimed from on high of the roof” (Luke 12:2–3). 

To summarize: "It will all come out one day". So reveal every secret now. Admit the truth about the things you've been trying to hide. Before you tell anyone, tell God. Though he he already knows everything about him, he expects us to humbly confess to him, and when we do, he is ready to forgive, to offer us a new beginning, to change us.

Then, tell those who are affected by these hidden things, your family and significant others. Admit the truth about the things you've been trying to hide. Decide now not to live a lie. Let the truth come out.

It may be painful at first, but it will be more painful for those who will discover these secrets when you leave this life, leaving them embarrassed, heartbroken, shocked. . . and angry. Remember what Jesus said about things hidden in darkness that will eventually come out into the light of the sun?

And why not turn on this light while you're still alive? Carefully evaluate your life. Not just the parts that the public can see, but also any secrets you've kept under wraps, thinking they'll never be revealed. And one day, while the living will rummage through your personal belongings, they will find nothing to be ashamed of.

That would be the greatest gift you leave behind to those who knew and loved you. I believe you have heard the expression: "There is no disinfectant more powerful than the rays of the Sun". I guess it works in this case too or not?

Note: Robert Wolgemuth, former president of Thomas Nelson Publishers, founder of the literary agency Wolgemuth & Associates and author of more than 20 books. His latest book is titled "How to Eliminate Fear, Find Peace, and Prepare for the End of Your Life."/  Adapted from CNA

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