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Oldest Hebrew Bible sold at auction for $38 million

2023-05-19 09:39:00, Kuriozitete CNA

Oldest Hebrew Bible sold at auction for $38 million

The oldest Hebrew Bible has been bought at Sotheby's New York for $38.1 million, becoming the most valuable manuscript ever sold at auction.

Codex Sassoon is thought to have been written about 1100 years ago.

It is the earliest surviving example of a single manuscript containing all 24 books of the Hebrew Bible with punctuation, vowels and accents.

American lawyer and former ambassador Alfred Moses bought it for the ANU Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv, Israel.

"The Hebrew Bible is the most influential in history and forms the foundation of Western civilization," Mr. Moses said in a statement.

The winning bid surpassed the $30.8 million paid by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in 1994 for the Codex Leicester, Leonardo da Vinci's scientific notebook.

But it fell short of the record for a historic document sold at auction set by hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, who bought a hard copy of the first edition of the US constitution for $43.2 million two years ago./ CNA . al

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