Does a "soul mate" exist in a couple relationship?

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Does a "soul mate" exist in a couple relationship?
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The time we feel closest to happiness is when we fall in love with someone. Of course, as long as it is mutual. When this is not the case, we can experience a "broken heart syndrome", or Takotsubo cardiomyopathy as it is known in medicine, which affects the heart muscle and can be life-threatening.

However, as everyone knows, and as love songs constantly remind us, romantic love is the source of many intense and conflicting emotions that are unlikely to keep us happy for long.

The problem with romantic love is that it often goes wrong. It may turn out to be unreciprocated, or betrayed, or it may just end. And when any of these things happen, the consequences are very painful.

More functional than romantic

In the old days, before romantic love was invented in the Middle Ages by troubadours, poets and lyric singers, in Southern France, love was a much more functional affair than it is today, and at that time young people had on average very limited choice of potential partners in the surrounding environment.

After romantic love was invented, things got more complicated. To be honest, it must be assumed that it had existed in some measure even before the troubadours, although other, more practical considerations often regulated the romances between young people.

Romantic impulses seem to be actually quite hardwired into our human plane.

However, there is one aspect of love that is relatively new and that has created significant problems for us: This is the concept of "The One," or the belief that there is only one soulmate unique and unique to each of us.

The right one

The romantic idea of ??"soulmate" is seemingly beautiful, but it is at the same time wrong, even counterproductive, in case it is not understood how someone became our soulmate with his love and devotion and working hard for him ensure that the relationship is successful.

In other words, the "soul mate" status is something that must be achieved during the couple's relationship. A "soul mate" is not a single, unique person who completes us perfectly, and whom we must find if we hope to be happy one day. In reality, for each of us, there are several potential soul mates waiting to be found by you.

An unrequited love

Love is much less specific than what romantic songs might suggest. Keeping this element in mind will help us a lot if we discover that our love is unrequited or betrayed. He or she was not really our "soul mate". Meanwhile, others who are better qualified to eventually become such are out there, waiting to meet us.

Note: Rafa Euba, experienced psychiatrist based in London. He gave lectures at several universities and wrote many articles in the press and 3 books./ Adapted from CNA.al

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