These common materials can slow down Wi-Fi speeds

2023-08-07 21:18:00, Kuriozitete CNA

These common materials can slow down Wi-Fi speeds

Wi-Fi experts have shared the most common household items that can interfere with your network service.

In an effort to help users get the most out of their Wi-Fi connection, The Sun has listed the materials below.


It's no surprise that heavy metal objects can interfere with your Wi-Fi service. This is because metal, in general, is a hard material to penetrate.

Concrete walls

Because concrete is so thick and dense, it becomes difficult for Wi-Fi signals to pass through.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are another common material found in the home that can disrupt your Wi-Fi.


Like windows, mirrors also contain a thin layer of metal behind their glass. When you combine these two elements, it can lead to a "good amount of electromagnetic interference./CNA.al

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