Why has Nefertiti become a myth?

2023-07-28 15:59:00, Kuriozitete CNA

Why has Nefertiti become a myth?

Nefertiti looks proud as she looks away. Not much is known about this woman who lived in Ancient Egypt about 3500 years ago. Her name means: Beauty comes. But it is not known whether she was tall or short, generous or conceited. All these are hidden in history. There are no accounts of her from the witnesses of that period and no papyrus tells about her life. Only a few ancient artifacts provide details about the mysterious Nefertiti.  

Removed belief in many gods and allowed only the God of Light, Aten.

She received the title "The great royal wife and took an equal place at her husband's side," says Olivia Zorn, deputy director of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, which is part of the New Museum, writes " DW". 

About 1,350 years before Christ the ruling couple left the capital Thebes.

Akhenaten also created a temple: Gem-Pa-Aton. In the 17th year of his reign, Akhenaton passed away. It is not known what happened to Nefertiti, Zorn says. 

The clarity in history begins again in the dynasty years of the pharaohs, in the period when Tutan Kham came to power. He and his advisers allowed belief in the old gods again. The works founded by Akhenaten in honor of Aten were destroyed.

At the behest of Emperor Wilhelm II, he sought objects for the Royal Museum in Berlin. On December 6, 1912, Ludwig Borchardt and his team of excavators found Nefertiti's bust and sent it to Berlin.

She was featured in magazines and became an advertising icon for cosmetics, perfumes and jewelry, but also beer, coffee and cigarettes. Thousands of years in a row, Nefertiti returned to the idol of admiration, perhaps like when she was alive./ CNA.al

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