Chinese tenor: I will keep the Albanian award all my life

2023-04-21 10:58:00, Kulturë Edmond Laçi
Chinese tenor: I will keep the Albanian award all my life
Chuan Wang, tenor

Although only a short time has passed, already in Beijing, as in the whole globe, the empty halls of theaters, operas and other concerts seem a century away. However, the pandemic managed to "separate" us for some time not only from live events, but also from getting to know the artists of this great country. Of course, not enough not to hear about the famous Lang Lang, the most virtuoso pianist in the world, whose videos take your breath away.

The last one, which belongs to November 2022 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwE8dZRnnho&t=15s ) and which I send to all my friends, is unique: many call it the interpretation that brought Hollywood to tears . Anyway.

I would keep my stories with classical music hidden, if only a few days ago I didn't hear that in Tirana, at the 19th International Festival of Lyric Singers "Marie Kraja", a Chinese tenor was declared the winner...

Chuan Wang runs from one concert to another. Even before he arrived in the Albanian capital, he didn't even have enough time to read something about Tirana, which he will see for the first time. He doesn't even have time to recover his voice, which he "wasted" for ten nights in a row during the performance of Don Ramiro in Rossini's "Cenerentola" at the Lyric Theater of Cagliari.

And after grabbing the First Prize in "Marie Kraja" he runs again to the next concert, this time in Novara to interpret Count d'Almaviva in "The Barber of Seville". However, Wangu will never forget Tirana. "I am happy, because this time is the last time I participate in a competition, and of course I will keep this award with me forever", says Wang during an exclusive interview.

But for the 35-year-old tenor there is not only one reason to appreciate this award. "I have to say that I did not expect this evaluation" - says Wang, adding that "in recent years I have participated in many competitions, among which very important ones, such as BBC Cardiff and Tenor Viñas, but this competition from an organizational point of view and the quality of the contestants was very high".

He modestly says that the participants, all great singers, had a chance to be winners. He even calls the decision for him a surprise by the international jury, which consisted of opera directors from London, Paris, Vienna, Bonn, Seville, Sofia, etc.

But he cannot "hide" because he already has all the "papers" to be a great tenor, from the first level diploma for canto at the Guangzhou Conservatory, graduating with honors from the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan, to the Academy of Opera Artists at "Teatro alla Scala", where he performed for three consecutive years.

It was in the famous theater of Milan that Chuan Wang would hear for the first time about the country of eagles. "Before I came to Albania, I was very curious about this country, because my dear friend, soprano Enkeleda Kamani, often talked to me about the beauties and people of this country." - says Wangu.

He was very impressed, "the place is very beautiful, the sea, the mountain...", while he likes the city, the living conditions of the people, whom he says "enjoy the sun without rushing". For the Chinese tenor, Albanians are all very polite and friendly. "Too bad this time I didn't have enough time to visit this beautiful place better and I can't wait to come back again."

Sikurse për Shqipërinë, edhe për kolegët e tij shqiptarë, Wangu nuk i kursen lëvdatat. “E kisha kuptuar tashmë nga mikesha ime Enkeleda Kamani, një soprano e jashtëzakonshme, e cila me siguri do të ketë një karrierë të shkëlqyer”. Ai veçon sopranot pjesëmarrëse në këtë kompeticion Suada Gjergji dhe Juana Shtrepi, të cilat – sipas tij - “absolutisht e çojnë në majë cilësinë e këngëtarëve shqiptarë”.

But the most beautiful experience for the Chinese tenor is performing together with Eneida Tarifa, whom he calls a pop star. "It was an honor for me to share the stage with him," says Wang. While Tarifa herself, when I told her about the appreciation of the Chinese tenor, she told me that Chuan Wang is really "a rare singer". In the end, Wangu - once again promising to return to Tirana as soon as possible - adds that I will not forget the other pop singers who sang that evening and that he will not get tired of complimenting the Albanian singers. (CRI)

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