A life in the service of religion and nation/ As today, in 1873, Hafiz Ali Korça was born

2023-04-05 10:40:00, Kulturë CNA

A life in the service of religion and nation/ As today, in 1873, Hafiz Ali

Today, on April 5, 1873, Hafiz Ali Korça was born.

He received his first lessons in his hometown, where he finished elementary, rushdi and idadi schools.

He completed his higher studies in Istanbul.

Then he returned to Korça and started working as a teacher in the Albanian school, where he taught Ottoman language, mathematics, writing and spelling of the Turkish language.

In 1890, he was appointed a teacher at the Rushdie school in Korça. In 1903, he was appointed a geography and history teacher at the Idadian school of Sparta in Anatolia. He participated in the congress of Manastir (1908) and the congress of Dibra (1909).

On the occasion of the arrival of Prince Vid (1914), he delivered a speech in French.

In 1916, he was the director of the education office for Tirana, Durrës and Central Albania.

In the period 1918-1924, he was a member of the High Sharia Council. With the establishment of the dictatorship, Hafiz Ali Korça was imprisoned and exiled, as a result of his convictions.

Among his works, we highlight the translation of the Koran, Mavludin, "303 words of Imam Ali", "Yusuf with Zelihan", "Rubaijat", "Bolshevism and the destruction of humanity" and "Holy history and the four caliphs".

Attached are excerpts from Korça's translation into Albanian of Omer Khajam's "Rubairave", as well as part of his article on developments in Albania, in the pages of a Persian-language newspaper./ CNA.al

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