Mio, collaborators and young artists

2023-09-24 11:06:00, Kulturë CNA

Mio, collaborators and young artists

55 works of 42 Albanian painters that are part of the fund of the National Art Gallery were brought to an exhibition by the latter under the curation of Suzana Varvarica. Under the name of the great Korça painter Vangjush Mio, the works of mainly painters from the southeast but also from other cities are displayed together after a period of 50 years, as a unique opportunity for the public to see them up close, given the fact that not everyone has access in the fund of the National Gallery.

Entel Çipa Director of the National Art Gallery that there will be 10 such exhibitions.

"This is the first exhibition that the art gallery brings to different cities of the country and it is an experience that will be distributed in most cities of Albania. We have about 10 such exhibitions. We thought to do further in Saranda and Shkodër. Each is related to the work of the artists. It's a workshop. It is supposed to be exhibited in 10 cities. We open with Pogradec and continue with Saranda, Berat and Shkodra. It is thought that the fund of the gallery will not remain closed. There are 42 artists, 55 works. We will see who will be chosen to continue this project."

For the painters Vangjo Vasili and Arif Lushi, this exhibition conveys the spirit of the best Albanian artists, Lushi goes further when he says that it is time for the Gallery to include in its funds the works of painters after the 90s.

"From the 90s until today, the fund has not been enriched. There are brilliant minds that can work out a draft with the Ministry of Culture to find an opportunity for the gallery's fund to reflect this period," said Lushi.

"Local author and others are exposed after 51 years. These works have seen the light of exhibition here and after 51 years they are being re-exhibited again. I am glad that he is exposed to colleagues with professors and masters. The greatest honors. We learned the real school from them," said Vasili.

The exhibition is expected to travel to 10 cities in the country within the next year, according to the idea and works chosen by the curator./ CNA

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