Entry to Venice can be paid from next year

2023-09-05 17:58:52, Kulturë CNA

Entry to Venice can be paid from next year

Venice plans to charge entry for day visitors from next year in an effort to manage the large number of tourists drawn to its historic canals, the city council announced on Tuesday.

The entrance fee to Venice will be five euros for day visitors.

The payment will be valid as an experiment for 30 days next year, and will be applied on holidays and summer weekends when the number of tourists reaches its peak.

All visitors over the age of 14 must pay admission.

The aim is to find "a balance between the rights of those who live, study or work in Venice, as well as those who visit the city" , said Simone Venturini from the Venice tourism council.

This is not a decision to make money, he added, saying the payment will only cover the cost of administering the scheme.

The exact date of the plan and how it will be administered will be decided after the final approval of the council, which is expected to happen next week.

This plan, which was first announced in 2019, was first postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as a result of which tourists were absent, and later due to technical and procedural reasons.

Visitors, meanwhile, have returned in droves to Venice, with foreigners outnumbering the local population of around 50,000, crowding its narrow streets.

Excessive tourism has often caused trouble for the fragile lagoon city.

In July, UNESCO experts proposed that Venice and its lagoons be added to the list of endangered cultural sites, saying that Italy has not done enough to protect the city from the impact of climate change and mass tourism./ REL

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