Eru, a different brush!/ By Boris Miska

2023-04-26 22:02:00, Kulturë Boris Miska

Eru, a different brush!/ By Boris Miska

Yesterday, Era Xinxo opened her first exhibition of paintings in one of the pavilions of the National Historical Museum. I got double emotions, because there you realize that a young creator is coming, with a lot of temperament, at the same time the painter is the daughter of my friends, Sonela and Ardian.

The daughter of two intellectual parents, she was born from a background that carries not only talent but also the will to achieve something.

I was attracted to Era's first drawings as a child because there you saw not only the open world of age but also the 'rebellion' of being different. In the drawings on paper, you find the figure and the thought, touch the distance from the excessive colors and the departure from the 'correct' lines, imitations, or copies that you usually encounter in every child.

Today Era comes mature, has a name of its own, seeks a place in the figurative arts, full of dignity and truth.

Eru, a different brush!/ By Boris Miska

Eru draws people's eyes, lingers there, observes deeply, touches pain, sadness, wonder, fear, hope, love, poverty, light, age, color, thought.

She can read his eyes because, as she says; 'they never lie', they are honest, they reflect the colors of the soul.

In the multitude of colorful canvases, glossy frames, landscapes and portraits that rule everywhere, in contrast to them, in Eru's painting you find the different, a special voice, full of dignity, the brush and the pencil that is surely boldly deputing in the magical world of art.

Hugs Eru and blessing for a successful journey.

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