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"Velipoja and Ulqini, closer than ever"/ How much does the bridge over Buna cost the Albanian Government?

2023-02-27 11:15:00, Ekonomi CNA

"Velipoja and Ulqini, closer than ever"/ How much does the bridge over

In the joint meeting between the government of Albania and Montenegro, one of the most important agreements is the agreement on the financing of the new bridge over the Buna river and the new border point between Velipoja and Ulcinj.

The design of the bridge is conceived with steel beams and reinforced concrete soles, with a width of 17 ml, with two sidewalks and bicycle lanes on both wings of the bridge, with about 3.5 ml width each wing.

The Albanian government will finance 200 thousand euros for the first phase of construction.

According to the Minister of State for Protection and Entrepreneurship, Edona Bilali, in total, this project will cost 20 million euros.

"The first in our history, this new bridge will be between the village of Pulaj in Velipojë, Albania and that of Saint Nicholas in the territory of Ulqin Municipality, Montenegro.

The Government of Albania finances an amount of about 200 thousand euros for the first phase, while the investment for the works of the bridge and border points amounts to about 20 million euros with co-financing from both governments", Bilali announces on social networks. /CNA.al

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