KLP dismisses prosecutor Sali Hasa from office/ Accused of corruption and non-declaration of assets

2023-07-17 12:17:00, Vetingu CNA

KLP dismisses prosecutor Sali Hasa from office/ Accused of corruption and

The High Prosecution Council accepted the proposal of the High Inspector of Justice for "dismissal" of magistrate Sali Hasa, at the time of the disciplinary violation, a prosecutor in the Prosecution at the Sarandë Judicial District Court.

According to the investigative report of the High Inspector of Justice, magistrate Hasa was found guilty by the Special Court of Appeal for Corruption and Organized Crime, for committing the criminal offense of "Passive corruption of judges, prosecutors and other justice officials", and "Refusal to declare or non-declaration of assets, private interests of elected persons or public servants or any other person who has the legal obligation to declare" and was sentenced to 2 years and 4 months of imprisonment.

On the part of the magistrate subject to the disciplinary investigation, it turns out that actions were taken which were assessed to contain elements of the criminal offense provided for by Article 319/ç of the Criminal Code, carried out during the exercise of duty and with the aim of unfairly benefiting from it, favored a litigant party through the awarding of the decision. The Prosecutor SH has seriously discredited the figure, authority, and dignity of the magistrate and has lowered the public's confidence in the administration of justice.

The ILD concluded in its investigation that the magistrate's actions constitute a very serious disciplinary violation and asked the Supreme Prosecution Council to accept the request for the disciplinary measure "Dismissal" for the SH prosecutor, a request that was approved./ CNA.al

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