Gel nails / Are they harmful to health?

2022-06-23 20:50:00, Trending CNA
Gel nails / Are they harmful to health?
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When it comes to beauty and care the most perfect and comfortable choice are gel nails. But have you ever thought that gel nails can be a threat to your health.

Uv lamps, which is specific for drying gel nails have been a topic of discussion many times. It can cause cancer cells in our skin and also affects premature skin aging.

In addition to the oven, the gel can also negatively affect our nails. The gel weakens the nails making them thinner and more brittle over time. And to have healthy nails again you have to wait until they are fully grown. Therefore, it is advisable to leave the nails from time to time unpainted and during this time to use products for their maintenance./

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