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With 3 million followers / Meet the "father" of "Tik-Tok"

2022-06-20 08:47:00, Trending CNA
With 3 million followers / Meet the "father" of "Tik-Tok"
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He has a full 3 million followers. Summer Calyton is not yet the biological father, but he is the "father" of 3 million followers.

Even though he is only 26 years old, he comes to the aid of all those who have lost their fathers or who have not known him.

Every week he sits at the kitchen table and has virtual conversation with his followers.

He listens to their problems with great attention, and often even concentrates so much that the impression is created that he is "upside down" with them.

Clayton is a fitness trainer at US Army Columbus Air Force Base in northeastern Mississippi.

He is not a therapist or coach who teaches others to overcome problems they may have in life, but he does so voluntarily and comes to the aid of people who have various problems or those who need simple comfort.

Although for some this way of discussing is funny, for some others this way of communication has made people feel good. His followers even nicknamed him 'proud father'.

He does not hesitate to talk to his followers about daily events or various political issues./ CNA.al

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