Child and loneliness

2023-09-05 17:12:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

Child and loneliness

Loneliness is a very big human problem. It does not allow a person to communicate both with himself and with others, it isolates him and makes him a stranger even with the people he loves the most. And of course, the roots of loneliness are found in childhood, in the well-being of the child.

In the poor strata, children suffer the deficiencies that survival creates, while in the rich strata, the child suffers from the fear of responsibility that fortunately does not even know the meaning of this word. And so even though he is among people, in the arms of his parents, he is often alone.

How many times parents and grandparents are irritated that the child does not obey them, get upset, shout at him or even hit him, and even tell him: "don't cry because I died". And in these moments the child is more alone than ever.

But the bad is not over, the grandparents, mothers and fathers, continue saying: - bad boy or bad girl, the way you do, no one will love you".

Of course, it is not easy to deal with a child, as he has many times more energy than adults, but the adult must know how to channel his nervousness and anger and calm the child down.

It is this calming, which avoids the feeling of loneliness in the child and does not allow the mutilation when adolescence comes or later to be a sad adult, stuck in the networks of all kinds of addictions.

If the child will be left alone with the unnamed faults, self-shame, mistrust and loneliness will find their way into his soul, which build walls of silence, which prevent communication with the other, starting with the mother.

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