These are the five types of friends we all have

2023-09-02 18:45:00, Sociale CNA

These are the five types of friends we all have

Some women have one girlfriend and others different friends, each of whom embellishes her life in different ways. 

There are about five types of friends according to Brooke Shields.

The five types of friends are:

Comedian:  Always with hilarious jokes and ability to turn any situation into a laugh. Her mood is contagious and life with her is much brighter!.

Sage:  A living encyclopedia of knowledge and wisdom, she's the friend who knows just what to say when we need advice from a fresh perspective. Her understanding is priceless!

3. Adventurer:  In a constant search for thrills and with a spontaneous spirit, this friend feeds our desires and motivates us to step outside our comfort zone.

4. The confidant: The friend who listens to us without judging us and keeps our secrets. It is the shoulder we can lean on and the rock that keeps us standing.

5. Our Soulmate - Lacks proper description here, but maybe we get what he's trying to say./ CNA

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