Insulting the child in public

2023-08-29 18:23:00, Sociale Lira Gjika

Insulting the child in public

A five-year-old girl had gone for a walk with her father and was happily talking and at the same time dancing like a little roe deer.

Apparently, the father was not in a good mood and kept telling her "rest, don't talk anymore", but the girl continued ignoring her father's words.

In an instant, the father lost his patience and shouted at the girl "rest, rest, bad child".

The little girl felt so bad that she started crying with the older one, and as if the father's threats and insults were not enough, an old lady appeared there and addressed the girl: "You are a bad girl because you upset the father, good girls don't they do like you".

- You see what you did - the father continued angrily: - "Others will think badly of you".

These people, like the father and the old lady, remember that such labeling and insulting interventions are educational and good for the child. It doesn't occur to them that they only insult and keep alive the inferiority complex and self-doubt that is worthy of the family or not in the child.

An adult who witnesses a scene where a child is crying or fighting and the parent is nervous and can hardly control himself, I would rather move on than offend a child in the eyes of the parent.

Calling a child "bad girl" or "bad boy" in front of a parent is the worst thing an adult can do. It intervenes only in cases where the parent mistreats and hits the child, in other cases the best thing is to continue the way in his work.

The intervention of a stranger in such cases only does harm. A stranger insults that child in front of the parent and the parent remains silent.

This is very difficult for the child. Without wanting to show the child that her parent is powerless and ashamed of her or him. Parents and adults, do not do to your child what you yourself would feel humiliated if someone did to you.

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