Forget the name!

2023-06-10 17:48:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra
Forget the name!
Lulzim Basha, the resigned chairman of the DP

For 20 years, a 'young man' has been wandering in Albanian politics who says that I am the future.

The man who was given more chances than anyone else, the man who did not climb the stairs, but from the elevator, today resembles 'Ali Komik'.

The man whom PD made a deputy, several times minister, mayor of Tirana, the man who spent 10 consecutive years in power, the man who gave you the opportunity to lead the opposition for 10 years, today comes out and talks about the past and the future!

With the clothes of a 20-year-old (he turns 50 these days), with 20 20-year-olds, he moves from one city to another and says: 'I am ready to make decisions in the interest of the democrats and Albanians'.

In politics, ingratitude and knives do not give you dignity, but perhaps they are means of survival.

In Albania there are a lot of people who don't like, even hate Berisha, they don't even like Edi Rama, they don't like even they hate Ilir Meta, they don't even like him, decide which name you want from today's politicians and yesterday, but all these politicians who have been insulted and abused by the public and with each other have a common denominator: they are real people!

The man I am writing about is a fake. It is not the self. A man who 'lies even when you ask him about the time'. Today he has taken on the role of a carer. He does not represent anyone but himself and the 20 people around him.

He laughs and at the same time mobilizes some gango. He runs away from confrontations like the devil from incense, he calls insults and insults a debate.

1800 people in the hall consider 5004. He is convinced that 7x7 make 42. 

He walks down the street with his head "up" and behind him there are millions of people who are waiting for a sign and jump into the fire for him. It hides when it should be in the front and comes out in the face of men when it doesn't even need to, it speaks when it should be silent and it is silent when it should scream.

He is convinced of only one thing that can harm the Democrats and the opposition. In this motive, he finds the energy, courage and shamelessness to say: 'I am a democrat, I am an oppositionist'.

Even, keep the laughter waiting when he says: 'I am a leader'.

This man deserves only one 'curse' that is very special among Albanians: 'may his name be forgotten'.

That's why I didn't mention the name and yet everyone who reads these lines knows about whom I took the trouble to spend 5 minutes and I'm sure everyone shakes their head and has a bitter smile on their lips at the man who is not himself.

Lajmet e fundit nga