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By Andi Bushati/ Useful idiots against Albini

2023-05-31 18:13:00, Opinione Andi Bushati
By Andi Bushati/ Useful idiots against Albini
Analyst Andi Bushati

The recent tensions in the North of Kosovo, in the most banal way possible, have turned a debate on the law, the right and the existence of a functional state, into a fight between "pro" and "anti" Americans. The same useful idiots who repeat the refrain, "Albini is ruining us with America", "Kurti has always had this approach", "he did not ask the international partners", "to introduce a mayor in office, he bumped into Washington" etc.

In fact, beyond this approach of disgruntled chilims or folkloric vassals lies a real concern. Rarely before has Kosovo received such serious warnings as in this case.

Exclusion from military maneuvers, interruption of official visits to the USA, or statements like that of Secretary Blinken, can really have the effect of electroshock for many Albanians.

This new phenomenon requires an answer because it is precisely in such cases that lazy minds are separated from slaves from free souls that seek reason. The former highlight the consequences, the latter seek to find the causes.

If it must be accepted that there is a deep disagreement between the government of Kosovo and the Western partners, the rational question is not to discover the enemy between us, but to find the essence of the conflict.

We all remember that the local Serbs boycotted the four northern municipalities (municipalities... if we were to write it with subtitles), provoked early elections in which they then did not participate. Although they had to be held on time, in coordination with international partners, Kosovo showed tolerance by postponing them from December to April. The Serbian list again withdrew, producing four mayors with truncated legitimacy. Although such, they were recognized by Americans and Europeans.
But when the day came for the elected to take office, violence broke out, extremism, KFOR soldiers were wounded.

It is at this point that the opinion is divided: the useful idiots of "pro" Americanism blame the Prime Minister of Kosovo as the cause of this situation, since he took actions without consulting the Western allies. In fact, the truth is quite different. What happened is the result of a genuine Serbian strategy to make the state of Kosovo dysfunctional. It is a maneuver by Belgrade to show who is in command in the North. It is a tension strategy to gain as much as possible in the plan to lead the association towards another Serbian republic.

That Albin Kurti is not a nationalist, an anti-democrat who will forcibly install some Albanian mayors in areas inhabited by Serbs, he showed this during the Bratislava forum. He clearly explained that the legitimacy of those who are entering the offices is truncated. He called them leaders with a small "k". He described their function as a technician with minimal competencies and threw down the gauntlet for a political agreement, where through early elections, the Serbs would choose the leaders of their community.

By Andi Bushati/ Useful idiots against Albini

So he did not insist on imposition, but on solution. But on the other hand, it is the Serbs who want to continue the boycott to deepen the institutional vacuum.

Albin Kurti wants agreement, Vu?i? provokes conflict. The prime minister of Kosovo gives proposals for solutions, the Serbian president throws sparks for fire.

How difficult is it for those who today anathema the first by indirectly doing the work of the second to understand this? I do not believe. They do this either because their vision is clouded by hatred for a person, or because they have become blind believers in superpowers.

And the latter is actually one of their arguments: If the truth was as written in the lines above, why then did the USA blame Kurtin - they ask? Why did Blinken make the unheard statement? Why did Borelli and Makroni's lips wrinkle?

Yes, it is a dilemma that will be answered. And it has almost nothing to do with the merits or mistakes of Albin Kurti. Albanians across the border should be made aware that the geopolitical situation is not in the best days for them. The war in Ukraine, the front against Russia, has lured the West into a major drive to lure Serbia away from itself, to separate Vucic from Putin. And before this goal, pampering them with some favor in the remote province in the North of Kosovo is the smallest sacrifice that can be made. Heresy some might say. But when you see how he insists that the Association must be completed before the other points of the agreement, how the mayors of the municipalities that you have blessed yourself, must lead the work with "Zoom", you start to think about this option. He becomes even more vulnerable when he sees the activity of the American ambassador in Belgrade. Kris Hill, this supporter of every Vucic initiative. Didn't this negotiator of the Rambouillet agreement betray the legacy of Clinton and Allbright by apologizing to the Serbs for the bombings of '99?

When, for the interests of the moment, this question is raised about the " humanitarian war" of the USA, why is it not also sacrificing a plot of land from what Hashim Thaçi himself once called "Marshal Tito's gift"?

The fear is that we may have reached a point when, for the sake of Vu?i?'s self-interest, pressure is being put on Kosovo. And this has nothing to do with the blunders, nor with the sick ego, nor with the stupidity of Kurt's greatness. In the interest of the latter, it would be to turn into yes-men, of the internationals to rule his country more easily, as many other masquerades do in the Balkans. And this, paradoxically, is the direction from which his biggest opponents want to push him. Fix this behavior of useful idiots "pro" Americans, is what hurts us more than anything else. It goes beyond their veneration of the superpower and has far more ramifications than fulfilling their grudges with Kurt.

Let the latter be torn to pieces, let them shoot him with tomatoes in the street, let them call him corrupt, stupid or a dictator, but no Albanian who calls himself such has the luxury of trying to fall into the game of the destruction of the state, where Serbia invites. This claim has no price, not even when our American liberators demand it.

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