By Xhovan SHYTI/ Learn from the President that Communism committed crimes, not mistakes

2023-05-23 20:22:00, Opinione Xhovan Shyti
By Xhovan SHYTI/ Learn from the President that Communism committed crimes, not
The President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj

Two days ago, on May 21, 2023, the President of the Republic, Bajram Begaj, was a participant in the 50th anniversary of the Spaçi revolt, an event organized by the Diocese of Rrëshen and the Municipality of Mirdita. With the quality of the "anti-communist" head of state, President Begaj also gave a speech about what this 50th anniversary represents, of an event that has entered the sad Albanian history as "the culmination of the anti-communist resistance".

Despite this importance of the commemorative event, the time that President Begaj devoted to the assessment of the "culminating point of the anti-communist center" was modest. Served in the form of reading a statement written on a letter, the text of which the President conveyed to those present without taking his eyes off the format he was holding between his hands. In this style, the speech of the head of state was formally applauded, but it did not create the emotion that, for example, conveys the commemorative rhetoric of the events in the Nazi extermination camps of Hitler, or those of the Stalinist gulags; where man treated man even more cruelly than a wild beast.

Spaçi was such a guy. Both gulag and mass extermination camp. This is evidenced by the still unenlightened history in epistolary form, but also by the few surviving witnesses, very few of whom participated in that 50th anniversary event of the anti-communist center... But let's leave the presidential behavior in commemoration of the revolt to this point , as this is the least, most dishonorable. As the most unforgivable is found in the lines of the text-speech read by Bajram Begaj, in the capacity of the president of the "anti-communist" Republic.

As he appealed for the complete separation from the shadow of one of the darkest periods in the history of our nation, President Begaj assessed as "mistakes" of the past the crimes of the period that we have left behind, which includes the event of Spaç together with the infamous camp . And as if this untruth was not enough, i.e. the replacement of "crime" with "mistake", he articulated the guilt of a handful of criminals in power, who ran the gulags, as the debt of the whole society. Making all of us "accomplices and co-sufferers".   

"Let us build bridges of understanding, compassion and empathy, knowing that through these spiritual connections we can create a brighter future for generations to come... What is more important is to build the future, by apologizing for the mistakes of the past, and completely breaking away from the shadow of the darkest period of our nation... For this, and for all your struggles, our society owes you a great debt", was the direct articulation of the president of the first Republic "anti-communist" after the Communist one.

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