Doctor Berisha, resign

2023-05-16 15:37:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
Doctor Berisha, resign
Ilir Levonja

Doctor Berisha, the elections were stolen, torn, scattered, etc. Edi Rama has all the bad things and let the facts live. No matter how many facts and videos you have, no court can give you the right. The biggest drama of the Albanians begins at the 38% participation figure. Vlora 24%.

Shkodra fell, Tirana further deepened the result. Now if you are going to turn the defeat into a victory, we must say that you brought out the longing of Lul Basha.

Based on all the experience of these 3 years, where you were new to every corner of Albania, you became a political guide to be envied on a personal political level, but also for the democrats, in the end you were their history. I see the big crisis in the plummeting number of voters. There is a terrible lack of young people.

No one else but Edi Rama wanted the low participation, very simple, he only wanted the vote of the Albanian minority, those who are engaged. This is the reason that today Edi Rama won by a landslide, but with the same number of votes as in 2019.

This great lack begins with unbelief. You can no longer consider a refoundation group and a seal group oppositional. Even this last grouping has done the same electoral damage to Albanians as the government. But they have done the greatest historical damage to the Democrats. The commissioners could have offered, but they didn't. Even as the days pass, the Democrats themselves will be surprised by the electoral damage caused to them by the vula group.

If there was a will, today the opposition would also have Kuçova, Mallakastra, Këlcyra, Finiq. Thus the governing board of the re-establishment group as the seal board should be drawn down to the rank of ordinary member. In these moments, the statute has the power.

Never be afraid of circulation, rotation, somewhere in those ranks may be a stronger leader than you, who will know how to unite the democrats, how to face the most anti-democratic power machinery in Europe. That today, as many democrats say, no one can understand where Albania is.

What political course is there? Who does it approach? The European block or that of the Middle and Far East. There is no doubt that the re-establishment group competed in 61 municipalities, almost impossible, since elections are not held in Albania, but voting. The government really has them all, but we knew this, we accepted it with the belief that we would win over evil. However, in the alleys of the neighborhoods and the villages of the suburbs, food packages are still distributed. Identity cards are still being bought.

People have not had enough of the fights of the Democrats. Why are we afraid to admit it, Alibeu's beard and your fans could not beat Gogol. They were indifferent and did not come out to vote. Before they put the blame on the government, let's look at ourselves. In 1992, the Gogol state was wilder, however the victory was plebiscite because the turnout was high, not 38%. Look at the turnout in Pukë, 57%, and that's why the opposition won there.

Lulzim Basha came out and said defeat after defeat, they stole from us, I am freezing, I will melt when the presidency decides. We experienced a beautiful thing in the return of competition within the opposition, but this does not mean that the power of one is absolute. Simply, resign.

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