Skenderbeu's letter to the Albanian people

2023-05-06 22:06:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
Skenderbeu's letter to the Albanian people
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

Strongly honor my Albanians,

On the date of my birth I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wishes that you may send me tomorrow and beyond, because today, I was told that you have a big wedding (maybe bigger than my motmoti wedding with Donika). Good luck in life and weather!

It is understandable that the people get a little excited at the wedding, but I don't know what my leaders, my descendants are doing in these lands.

6 centuries have passed and it seems to me that it is only 6 days.

The world has changed, but some things remain eternal among us Albanians.

Today is the day of commemoration and thanks to his excellency the ambassador of Venice who not only reconciled me with my brother Lek Dukagjini, but also helped a lot in the organization of the Treaty of Lezha.

My order for you today is: Kill the ambassadors of friendly countries, because without them you will be killed brother by brother. Even today, only the ambassador of Venice at the time (USA) remembered my birthday with a post on Instagram.

I am very angry when they tell me that the Albanians are leaving Albania on whose foundations the blood of brave men and women was sacrificed.

I should be proud that we are Albanians, we are in our lands and we have shed a lot of blood for them, let alone the Sri Lankans, the Indians, and I know who else is coming...

I know that not only have you made peace with the Ottomans, but you are also friends, you even watch their telenovelas a lot!

Ani. A lot of good. I, too, have fought, but I have also negotiated with the Turks, always in the interest of Albania...

But as the Pope said these days in the Vatican: "no one is a friend forever"

Now that the weather has arrived, don't fight with the Ottomans or even with the Koyshes, you have to fight the enemy who is driving the Albanians away from their lands as ancient as the world itself.

I'm talking about the invisible enemy, not about that damn virus that got you out of your votes three years ago, but about corruption.

I am very concerned about this ferocious enemy. "Corruption was not brought to us by foreigners, but we have it among us."

He must face me mercilessly, fight me even more fiercely than I have fought the Turk.

Strict laws and harsh punishments are needed, much harsher than those of Lek Dukagjini's Canon.

You have to fight, but life is even better.

It is necessary to develop Albania because Trulli is fertile. At the time, salt was the most valuable commodity. The fox (Vendediku) begged me to take it with a concession, but I smelled that they had tricked him. So be careful with the concessions or PPPs as you are calling them today.

They impoverish the people and inherit a handful of scoundrels from those who are ready to set fire to Albania with a plot for their property.

My last order for you today is about patriotism.

Love the homeland and the Albanian language or a good Albanian.

I am very happy that those who went and begged for asylum in Italy 600 years ago have preserved their language, our customs and customs.

My message to you is what I left you before I passed away:

Stay together in United Europe.



PS Can someone send me two cards and a letter and explain to me the little thing:

1. Why did you put my name Skenderbeu on the football team of Korça, and not of Kruja?

2. Why do you have my name, the name of my national hero, on an alcoholic drink?

3. Why haven't you found my birthplace yet? Do you meet? Mirdita? Matt? what?

4. Why did you leave my sword and helmet in Vienna?

5. Who is this man among you today that a minister's wife told me compared him to Skanderbeu?

6. Vrana Konti has reported to me that a debate has started with the underground of Trulli Madh in my name in Tirana, and I am driving the traffic freely. Well done, can you ride with me there?

7. Once I collected some birches to tell the Albanian princes that they should join me. Now why are you forgiving the birches, to join or to poke someone's eyes out?

Thank you!

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