By Erion Dasho/ Are the artists bought?

2023-05-05 13:34:00, Opinione Erion Dasho

By Erion Dasho/ Are the artists bought?

In an unprecedented situation, prominent Albanian singers and artists inside and outside Albania have been involved in the electoral campaign of Tirana by supporting Lali through a series of podcasts.

Each of them has the right to participate in the campaign, as a free expression of their political beliefs. This model is particularly popular in the US, but (to my knowledge, at least) less well known and applied in Europe.

Personally, I have some observations:

1. In contrast to the USA where artists do not receive sponsorships from municipalities or ministries, in Albania these institutions often finance important artistic projects. The Municipality of Tirana must urgently state whether the artists who have supported the Municipality and Lali these days are or are not beneficiaries of funding.

2. The model according to which podcasts like the ones we have seen these days are made against direct payments is well known in the world. There is nothing wrong with Lali using some of the campaign funds to purchase marketing services from the artists in question. In the framework of the financial transparency of the campaign, it must again be stated if there were such payments and how much they were.

3. In the case of Rita Ora, I am not clear if she also has Albanian citizenship in addition to the English one. Many countries have very strict laws regarding the involvement of foreign nationals in electoral campaigns. Again a clarification would be necessary.

The right to express political beliefs is a fundamental right of Çiljeta, Rita, Ermal and all their colleagues. This also includes the right to support the individual who disrupted the theater.

But whether they were paid directly or indirectly for this support, this is something that the voters of Tirana should learn as soon as possible.

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