Is Andi Bushati's call for arms theft, his next mockery of Berisha?

2023-05-04 12:39:00, Opinione CNA

Is Andi Bushati's call for arms theft, his next mockery of Berisha?

Analyst Andi Bushati was on the same panel with Sali Berisha yesterday.

Among other things, Bushati preferred this time to talk to Berisha about the manipulation of the 2001 elections, when Ilir Meta was prime minister.

"With reference to the year 2001, at first the SP votes were recognized, although there was a massacre from the ballot box to the votes, which was Prime Minister Ilir Meta, we must not forget this. But something is lame in this comparison, the fact that the Socialist Party was then a party that was still sensitive to the remarks of internationals is lame.

Whereas today, when they pressured him to cancel the June 5 agreement, he said, "I tear it up and I don't ask at all, " said Bushati in the confrontation with Sali Berisha.

He said that the battle to restore the free vote in Albania is not for May 14, but it is a battle that can last for years, declaring in Berisha's eyes the defeat of the battle for May 14.

In the same panel where Berisha declared the deep victory.

But the most significant moment of the conversation was when Bushati addressed former Prime Minister Berisha, saying that the free vote can only be defended with weapons.

"We have reached a point where without weapons the vote cannot be defended. May 14 is a station to test resistance, not to declare victory. So, if there is a resistance, it is something to be applauded, but to announce the victory of the free vote in Albania seems a little utopian to me, "- said Bushati.

It was not understood whether Berisha considered Bushati's call for arms abduction a mockery or a trap, but Berisha replied that they will be on the ground to defend every vote, not with weapons, but they will be there at the top of their duties.

"What will we do? We are there in every moment, in every second, we will be there. We are not armed, but we are there, on duty. Absolutely, we have only one mission: the return of the free vote to Albanians.
Who is Edi Rama for the free vote, he is proving every day. If we were not present, we excluded ourselves from the right of reaction", said Berisha.

The independent analyst, Bushati, has been worried about the free vote for years.

Bushati has inspired the panels for the boycott and the burning of the mandates of the opposition.

Bushat has been the inspiration of the evening tables when the Democrats rushed each other in the shameful "battle" for taking the seat.

Bushati came out yesterday to call on the democrats to grab their weapons to protect the votes!
Bushati has never voted for DP. Never alone.

Although he is very sorry for the DP and rushes like Berisha's kamikaze to everyone he knows how and why he chooses them, yesterday he was openly mocking the former prime minister. Or he was trapping him.

His calls for the seizure of weapons, even if they are a mockery of Berisha, when made publicly constitute a criminal offense.

The prosecution does not need Berisha to fall into Bushati's trap and become his contingent.
Today, the prosecution has Bushati as its contingent. Just follow the law.

Is Andi Bushati's call for arms theft, his next mockery of Berisha?


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