It is not a battle for the chest of Çiljeta, but for the quality of life

2023-05-06 20:05:36, Opinione Andi Bushati
It is not a battle for the chest of Çiljeta, but for the quality of life
Analyst Andi Bushati

Erion Veliaj's outrageous campaign to line up well-known pop personalities, whose shows or concerts he has sponsored, has simultaneously ensnared both the media and a large part of the public. Some deal with the artistic mercenaries who change sides according to the next power, some with the amorality of the vips who sing according to the request of the payer, while others have degraded to the point of fights about when Çiljeta was more attractive: with the doable forms he displayed alongside Sala, or with the plastic compaction of the Lal period.

The latter was even invited to a show to justify her political transformation, where she explained to an interviewer with an IQ level similar to hers, that her passion for Erion had exploded at the height of a family tragedy. 

The weakening of the debate at the point of who dedicated the next song, the man who hates books, Ermal Mamaqi, or to whom Topi will offer Luis, who has been holding him hostage for months, has led to the marginalization of real problems together with the journalism of it literally raises them. 

A completely different example was given this weekend by the show "Piranjat". He had taken it upon himself to test the air pollution in Tirana, something that many people talk about, but that only those suffering from serious illnesses or those who lose their lives suffer on their backs. Given that since 2016, the time when Veliaj approved the urban planning plan for the concreting of the city, the Environment Agency has stopped the measurement it was doing regularly in the capital, "Piranjat" agreed with an Italian company that put 20 meters in different critical points of Tirana.

The results from the laboratory across the Adriatic are alarming.

They agree with all the studies that talk about the increase in respiratory or cardiovascular diseases. They go in sync with the conclusions of the European Environment Agency, that here, the loss of life due to air pollution is equal to that of deaths from Covid 19. They are consistent with findings that poor fuel quality and dizzying construction permits, that not only pollute the environment but concentrate the population in a narrow space, are the causes of these diseases that we pay for not only with our lives, but also financially, with health expenses.

Cases like this should have served us to raise some questions: Should the control over the oil oligarchs be increased? Should we say 'stop' to construction in Tirana, as proposed by the only uncaught candidate, Arlind Qori? Shouldn't this be done in favor of parks and green spaces? What the hell happened that we inherited 5.2 square meters of greenery per inhabitant from the time of Enver and ended up with only 0.7 m2 for each of us? Should the traffic in the center be radically limited? Should the construction business be taxed to the point of impossibility? What can we do about the concreting that covers up to 90% of the territory and that during the heat of the summer increases the temperatures shown by the meteorological station to at least seven degrees?

This would be e.g. a real debate about the city, residents, policies, its development, about the life and health of citizens. Unfortunately, this opportunity to exchange ideas has been defeated by the idiotic propaganda of 1 million trees that are nowhere to be seen, by some palaces that Veliaj morally rapes by taking them out of the lake, by the saplings planted by vipa trees that stand on their heels on manure and by the river of calls on Instagram for the man who transformed Tirana.

In fact, he is her slow killer. 

Therefore, no matter how slanderous or disgusting this spectacle is, it should be avoided at all costs. The real problem of this city is neither the recruitment of singers who share the bed with drug lords, nor the foreign mercenaries who return for one-day battles in Albania. Erion Veliaj may be harmful for the corrupting talent he has, but he is murderous for what he is doing to the city. It should be viewed only through this prism. Because we will quickly forget the debate about Çiljeta's chest, Ermal's song, or Noiz's banality, but the tiny cells in our lungs will remain there for as long as we live. 

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