The drowned one drowns you!

2023-05-15 09:58:00, Opinione CNA

The drowned one drowns you!

The process of local elections was closed and the results are showing a crushing loss for Sali Berisha.

I don't talk about his candidates, because I don't believe that anyone had expectations for them. I'm talking about the sharp drop in voter turnout, which was massively against Berisha and Meta. As big as it was, you can't call it rejection, it's contempt, historical contempt. it is humiliation.

The rejection was felt in the campaign when the Democrats abandoned Berisha's rallies, it was felt in his shameful and slanderous destabilization, when he invented hallucinatory stories about "secret services" and "wiretapping", or when he gnashed the teeth of the institutions, do you mean who took him seriously, he felt when he invented scenarios with "manipulation" of voting machines.

But no one predicted the historical contempt. People are amazing judges. He proves this every time history takes him to the crossroads.

In these elections, the dilemma was very strong, the strongest that can be given to a people for an election: to vote for a corrupt government, or to support a worn-out alternative, an anti-alternative.

A corrupt government means four more years of the same thing, a worn-out alternative means the death of the opposition, the long-term annihilation of hope, hypothecation of power for decades.

The humiliating abandonment of Berisha (and Meta) is the seed that Albanian voters sowed for the rotation of power.

The message is clear and indisputable: get rid of Berisha, if you want us to trust you! It's not for nothing that the leitmotif of the columnists last night was "the drowned drowned".

The message of the people should be heeded. But this is done if the Democrats scornfully reject all calls for unification. The calls are made by Berisha's mercenaries. They do it to save Berisha once again from the catastrophe of no return.

If we want to show the Albanian people that we have learned from the lesson that the people gave us with this vote, we as democrats must show our place to Berisha, unequivocally and publicly, so that no one has any doubts that the DP despises Berisha as he does. the Albanians despise, that his political model will never take root in DP, that anti-Berishism for DP will be an equally important value, just as shameful as anti-Enverism.

PD should brand Berisha as anti-democratic and every one of his disciples as infiltrators. This is where the lesson begins, this is where history changes pages./ CNA.al

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