Has Rama started the operation of "buying" the silence of the international media about the McGonigal affair?

2023-05-21 16:19:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra

Has Rama started the operation of "buying" the silence of the

The Prime Minister of Albania, in addition to buying the local media, is known for corruption operations of the international media.

It is known that articles about tourism in prestigious international media are commissioned by countries that want to promote tourism. This is done by countries that have elite tourism such as Greece, Turkey, Spain, etc., think about Albania.

Today Prime Minister Rama, in a post on Facebook which he accompanies with an article about tourism in Albania, calls WP, rightly, "MEDIA COLOSSUS".
And he is right because WP is like that.

A few months ago, the Washington Post did a long article with a group of authors, the main ones being journalists Shane Harris, Rosalind S. Helderman and Catherine Belton. The article breaks down the McGonigal - Rama affair in detail.

At that time, Rama was concerned about this article and tried to make the "MEDIA COLOSSUS" real.

But what was WP saying in the article about the McGonigal affair?

"McGonigal's involvement in Albania is thought to have started when he was still working for the FBI, which is a concern for his former colleagues. Prosecutors allege that until August 2017, McGonigal was linked to a man from New Jersey who was born in Albania and decades earlier had worked for Albanian intelligence.

The indictment does not name this person, but the description matches Agron Neza, who Albanian company records show entered into business with McGonigal in 2019, after McGonigal left the FBI.

McGonigal, who was working for the FBI at the time, presented the prime minister with FBI badges and warned him against awarding lucrative licenses to oil companies.

While McGonigal appeared to be acting as a counterintelligence officer against Russian influence, prosecutors allege that, in fact, Neza and another Albanian working with McGonigal, identified by prosecutors as an informal adviser to Rama, had financial interests in the oil fields. major US newspaper in the article.

Madje ajo vijonte me tej me një përshkrim specifik për Ramën: “Charles McGonigal, ka marrë para për të çuar përpara interesat e kryeministrit shqiptar. McGonigal ishte i zhytur deri në fyt në marrëveshje sekrete me kryeministrin e Shqipërisë“.- shkruante KOLOSI MEDIATIK.

Atëherë Washington Post gënjete, sipas Ramës, sot ajo papritur na kthehet në ”KOLOS”.

Çfarë ka ndodhur?

It's simple, after stealing the elections in Albania, Rama remembers himself in a strong position to tell the Americans that 80% of Albanians love me, and has started the operation to bombard the foreign media with articles about tourism. This is a specialty. It will continue to be heavily invested to buy as much silence as possible about the mega McGonigall affair, which very well needs a COLOSSAL investment to save. The money I use to buy the items is known to be Albanian tax money, at best.

The last question that arises is: Do Albanians ever think about how much this affair of their prime minister could cost them?

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