Climate matters, Gas Bardhi and our troubles...

2023-05-23 14:11:00, Opinione Mentor Kikia

Climate matters, Gas Bardhi and our troubles...

If you look at the photos in this post, you will say that the author has gone astray.

Actually no. In one, there are cherries, which make this "behar" very expensive. While others show the terrible floods in Italy, with dozens of victims, the damage was catastrophic.

What connects these?

April and May this year were an extension of winter. You think that this weather rains every day, the biggest problem is that it left us without a beach at the weekend, right? Go down to the fields to learn the truth.

These are the reasons why there are so few cherries on the market. Because at the time when the cherries were supposed to hatch it was cold and either they didn't hatch or they couldn't tie the fruit.

What happened in Italy? Wow! For two days it rained as much as for a year. And this is what they caused.

These are climate changes, before which we are ants. Nature has put us to the test, we either adapt or assimilate.

Humanity still does not take seriously this new "course" of nature.

While we here do not want to know at all.

I am asking you a question: What is the biggest problem in Albania today?

If you watch television, you will say: Politics. Because every night, there are 20 programs that talk about the opposition. From one DP deputy (with and without stamp) in each studio, some 5 analysts shout and demand accountability for the work of the government.

Have you heard anywhere about these problems?


And if you speak, they call you stupid.

What kind of climate are you talking about, you idiot? Gaz Bardhi became the chairman of the parliamentary group, you say the climate. Who will be the head of the seal? Is Basha coming again? What will Berisha do without a seal, will he run away or not?

These are aunties…


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