A country is also judged by the ads you see on TV!

2023-06-04 16:26:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi

A country is also judged by the ads you see on TV!

To understand how things are in a country, you can see what commercials are broadcast on television. There you understand the level of society, consumption, demands and offers that the market has, the products that are in high demand, etc.

But what about Absurdistan, a place where drug ads dominate the airwaves from morning to night?

With a relentless barrage of advertising, the mood of the country is not only influenced but seemingly dictated by these aggressive campaigns. 

From the moment the sun rises in Absurdistan, the airwaves are filled with advertisements promoting various pharmaceutical products. The ads range from pain relievers for tired bones (and according to the ad bone problems start at age 25) to flu remedies that promise a cure in the blink of an eye. Flu medicines are presented so temptingly that you wish you didn't get the flu or the flu or at least covid-I.

Regardless of the time of day, or the big events that have occurred, there is always something being sold through the screen to relieve pain, soothe the stomach, get the heart pumping or provide relief from a variety of ailments.

As if these "advertisements" were not enough, the "popular" doctors also appear on the screen, who with thorn leaves and grass, yes grass from the one that cows eat and not the one that comes to your mind, cure diseases from rheumatism to liberation from catching the jinn. Once upon a time in Absurdistan it was said that "every problem has a cure". Today, the constant presence of these ads reinforces the absurdist idea that there is a pill for every concern. 

Experts are puzzled!

Are we dealing with a society where people are very focused on health and well-being or does the heavy presence of advertising suggest a collective anxiety about physical ailments, thus promoting a culture of self-care and excessive attention to the body? 

On the other hand, internationalists in Absurdistan are concerned that the ubiquity of pharmaceutical advertising may create an atmosphere of hypochondria. (health concern regardless of whether you are sick or not). 

The flood of advertisements can inadvertently promote anxiety, convincing individuals that they are affected by at least one disease or are predisposed to various diseases. This permanent exposure to possible health problems has also given the first effects.

At every hour of the day now, people with obvious mental health problems appear who present themselves sometimes as analysts, sometimes as experts, sometimes as commentators, but most of the time as "lawyers". These guests give opinions, but also solutions for every issue that strikes the imagination of homo sapiens.

Foreigners in this country fail to understand the extent and intensity of drug and vitamin advertising, neither the popular obsession with drugs nor the fact that the pharmacy business is the most successful in the country.

The confusion comes from the fact that they remember that in Absurdistan, "Health is free", a promise that the residents of Absurdistan have forgotten./ CNA.al

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