By Hysni Gurra/ Prime Minister: Serbia should apologize to Kosovo

2023-06-01 21:45:00, Opinione Hysni Gurra
By Hysni Gurra/ Prime Minister: Serbia should apologize to Kosovo
Journalist Hysni Gurra

Serbia should apologize to Kosovo and recognize it as an independent state, the prime minister said yesterday in his speech at the Glbsec 2023 security forum that took place in Bratislava.

The Prime Minister underlined that the relations between the two countries should be normalized.

"Our opinion about Kosovo, first of all, we want to see stability, peace and a quick solution to this incident that happened a few days ago, where some military members of KFOR were injured, this is the first," said the Prime Minister .

"The second is that we are aware of the delicate situation of the final equation of the Kosovo situation. The way I understood in many aspects the attitude of the leadership of Kosovo is as follows in relation to Belgrade, or to Serbia in general, and I will summarize it in three words; apology for Milosevic's aggression, recognition and then normalization. In short, this is the attitude that we can all derive from the basis of Kosovo's attitude, which is completely understandable. At the same time, any political leader in Serbia who knows Kosovo, I don't think he has much career prospects in politics there. This makes the solution very complicated" , he said.

As expected, the Prime Minister was in line with the politics and attitude of the leadership of Kosovo.

He also called for the situation to calm down in the north.

" Let's leave the past in the past and everything will be fine in the future", he added. "So, what we need to do is to facilitate the talks, calm the situation immediately and find a solution how the northern part of Kosovo, where the Serbs are the majority, who boycotted the elections recently, can participate in the democratic process, this it is essential, without participation in the democratic process you are not sending signals of building trust and coexistence in a very small part of the country" , he added.

The protest of the Serbs in the north started on Friday and there were also clashes with the Kosovo police and KFOR soldiers, 30 of whom were injured.

The Croatian Prime Minister made these statements while tensions in the North of Kosovo have not yet subsided.

The Prime Minister of Albania has never declared his support for Kosovo so openly and clearly.

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