Association, Rama's self-proposed proposal!

2023-06-09 16:36:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
Association, Rama's self-proposed proposal!
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

For 24 hours, the debate in Tirana is no longer between Kosovo and Serbia, but between Albania and Kosovo.

The cause was a project for the Association of Serbian municipalities in Kosovo, presented yesterday in the western offices by the prime minister of Albania.

Should Albania submit a draft for the Association of Serbian Municipalities?

Can Albania act as a credible mediator that pushes forward the 10-year stalemate on this issue?

Is Albania neutral in an issue involving Kosovo?

Is official Tirana equally trusted in Pristina and Belgrade?

Does Albania have the same cultural, political, strategic sensitivity for both the fear of the Serbian minority and the concerns of the Albanian majority that the Association is "Nastradin's nail" that Serbia will use whenever it wants to destabilize Kosovo?

Does Albania have the appropriate legal expertise, sufficient knowledge of cultural, historical, ethnic, religious sensitivities to present an imposing draft?

Is official Tirana helping Pristina in these difficult hours or is it putting pressure on it?

If foreign experts worked on this draft, who are they? Who mandated them? How long have they been working? Which model are they referring to?

The issue of the frozen Serbia-Kosovo conflict is not the lack of a written draft. The issue is the source and roots of the tension in the North of Kosovo.

It is clear that two sides are needed for a conflict and Belgrade has proven that it inspires, encourages, plans, organizes, executes and does not want normal neighborhood with Kosovo.

Then why should Tirana make a proposal?

This proposal was not made because the leadership of Kosovo has asked the leadership of Albania for fraternal help to overcome this gap. Kurti's strained relationship with Rama immediately extinguishes this hope.

The proposal was not even made to help Vu?i? find the path of reconciliation and negotiation. Vuçiqi is interested and accepts only one scenario, the northern powder keg scenario. The proposal does not work.

The proposal is not even made for Albania to willingly appear before the international powers, it is not made for Rama to convince the big ones, that he is not stirring bridges of fire. This makes no sense, as long as no one counts it as an arsonist. Rama in Kosovo does not keep chickens, no one expects him to do exshsh.

This whole matter has only two explanations, either they gave Rama the proposal to send back to them by post (in this case the postman has no reason to sell himself as a scientist), or Rama made the proposal to get on his nerves and to embarrass Kurti, the little Albanian, that is. If this is the case, then Rama has found an inopportune moment to brush. This work is not done when Istanbul is burning, says a wise word

A proposal from Tirana is unlikely to escalate or normalize the situation.

The normalization that started with fanfare in Brussels in 2013 with the idea that time will do many things has not achieved the expected results.

The final agreement means that Serbia finally accepts what the whole world knows: Kosovo is an independent state.

Kosovo is not a source of instability. This is clear to everyone, and the search for guilt in Kosovo is like blaming the lamb that had muddied the wolf's water in vain.

The presence of KFOR in Kosovo is not to contain Kosovo from aggressive actions against Serbia.

What Kosovo should and can do in these difficult moments is to pass the "ball to the other side" and see the "big picture".

The powers of the West do not want another hotbed of conflict on the continents, and for this reason, these times they are taking the "bad guy" better and putting pressure on the "wise guy" not to give rise to trouble. Kosovo must understand the time.

There is a time for everything. There is also a time for illusions.

It is the time of the illusion that Serbia will turn its arms to Russia and embrace the West.

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