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When you find yourself in the will of Rrapush Xhaferri!

2023-06-05 18:59:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
When you find yourself in the will of Rrapush Xhaferri!
Journalist Lutfi Dervishi

Talking about the strengthening of the lek and the weakening of the euro is probably the same as saying that today is a Monday. My modest attempt at the weekend to explain this destruction of the European currency in front of the Albanian economy, first got me paid by the opposition, then by the government, banks, Soros, Rrapush Xhaferri, Sudja, etc....

Comment #1: "Obviously the opposition paid you!".

Ah yes, the classic conspiracy theory charge. Little did I know that a weekend post on Facebook would bring me under the radar of patron Nazis who have not only their own opinions but their own facts in their own factory. Apparently, my explanation first as a citizen about the power of the lek, has something to do with the dark forces that do not want the best for Albania. The opposition has paid me an advance after the sale of the scrap metal left behind by the battle of January 8.

Comment #2: "This is nothing but sophisticated government propaganda!"

Here the accusation comes from the other side: It is making government propaganda, to wash the brains of the people. At first I thought the commenter was joking. But no, according to the astute commentator, my thoughts on the strength of the lek are part of a well thought out scheme to brainwash the masses.

Mazhoranca paid me with a painting on the demolition protocol of the National Theatre.

Comment #3: "You're serving the banks!"

Of course, it is impossible to write about the lek and the euro without being connected to the banks. This very astute commenter has deduced that my financial expertise and knowledge of economic indicators can only come from a deep-rooted connection to the banking industry. It seems that my history as an ordinary Facebook user has been a cover to hide my real mission - empowering the banks.

The banks have paid me with a wedding venue seized by OFL and auctioned off.

Comment #4: "You're playing Soros's game!"

When there's a big thing going on and it can't be explained, when people today don't have time to read long explanations or deep analyses, why don't we take a rope and tie the whole forest together? Eureka! Sorosss! He has an interest in weakening the Euro as he once did in the early 90s with the British currency.

Soros paid me with a pair of old-age thespies that he started for me.

Comment #5 "The architects of the pyramid firms paid you!"

Among the other comments was this nonsense as similar as the others. As in the first 4 comments, here too a clever mind had tried to wake the dead to dance on the grave of the economy.

Rrapushi has left me the "Atlantic" ocean in his will, but I am waiting for it to dry up to benefit.

Comment #6: "Paid by restaurants. Elbasani's pan explains it all."

Elbasani casserole is one of our foods that we are proud of. Most of those who refused the vaccine did so because of the fact that with a microchip Bill Gates would steal the recipe for Elbasan's casserole. In the conditions where only we have the secret of the Elbasan casserole, tourists are flocking to Albania to try this special dish. The arrival of tourists increases the demand for the local currency and weakens the euro.


There are no longer only scholars at the keyboard, but also warriors ready to attack whenever the party/government/cause/or even the otherwise consolidated opinion is attacked. In front of the keyboard, the "brave" commenters with or without a name, with or without a face even when they visually have one, say things that they would never dare to say in front of them. Keyboard lions in virtual life are usually cones in real life. Let's let them bark and wag their tails because they don't have the guts to eat that either.

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