What worries the ambassadors in Tirana

2024-04-23 20:21:00, Opinione Armand Shkullaku
What worries the ambassadors in Tirana
Journalist Armand Shkullaku

The not at all proportional attitude of some ambassadors, between the violence that happened in the municipality of Tirana and some smokers at its doors, has evoked a strong reaction among that part of the citizens who reject the violence and corruption of the government. Reaction that contained despair, disappointment, revolt. In the face of shocking and unique corruption in Europe, should a few bottles of gasoline be the biggest concern of extraordinary and powerful ambassadors?

Despite the mixed feeling caused by the attitude of the ambassadors, he continues to serve the authorities of Tirana. The only special thing this time had to do with the fact that the so-called violence was so negligible that it did not justify the degree of immediate reaction and coordination of the representations of the US, the EU and the United Kingdom. The right of the protesters far outweighed the concern for "violence". Then why was so much importance given to a minor event, while the corruption in the municipality results in an upper level?

The only explanation can be that the ambassadors, not reconciled in the stagnant waters of the Renaissance, fear the destruction of a status quo where they vegetate between bureaucracy and dolce vita in relation to the power of Tirana. They are not concerned about that violence, which in their countries would not even be noted, but the idea that an increase in protests could create a new situation for which they are neither prepared nor want to be.

Accustomed to a long-term government that guarantees stability while destroying democracy, with an opposition that is not showing signs of strength to shake the Tirana regime and with a castrated civil society, the ambassadors, like a large part of Albanians, seem that they have adapted to the banality of evil. Some of the laziness and some of the privileges, have preferred to close their eyes and ears to the destruction of democracy in Albania, which is sending hundreds of thousands of Albanians to the countries they represent. Worse still, it is turning them into advocates of power, at a level we have never seen in these 30 years.

So, who expected a different attitude than that of condemning "violence", did not understand that the real concern of the ambassadors is not to break the status quo of stability and not the corruption that brought people to the doors of the municipality. Aren't they the same that even though the EU itself criticized the special law "Field", they did not raise any voice in sync with the local and international opinion? These are the same ambassadors who were shocked by some eggs on the walls of the town hall and remained silent for shame when the national theater collapsed and the activists in favor of it were raped.

Have they ever talked about tear gas on citizens, when their own countries have condemned its use in European conventions? Have they been heard even once to worry about the threats against journalists, even though the Strasbourg Court has taken them under the protection of Edi Rama's government?

Their compliance with the Tirana regime has reached such a degree that, when they do not talk about such flagrant events, it is not even conceivable that they would take a stand for the censorship and lack of transparency that is manifested in the ready-made chronicles where they themselves appear with shovels in hand planting some tree. Even less for the administration's use of public funds in electoral campaigns, the scandalous abuse of European taxpayers' funds as in the case of reconstruction or aid to farmers. The ambassadors have kept their heads down for a long time even when Rama attacked SPAK or tore up agreements like the one on June 5, when he changed the electoral code at will to keep power at any cost.

10:29 Opinione Armand Shkullaku

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