The new parties with heads like ostriches

2024-04-19 16:15:00, Opinione Klodian Tomorri
The new parties with heads like ostriches
Protest in front of the City Hall

Almost all the new parties, which promise to separate Albanians once and for all from corruption and 30-year-old politics, have stuck their heads in like ostriches in recent weeks and don't look at what happened in the Municipality of Tirana.

Beyond some public statements of Arlind Qorri, which are also very few, there is no reaction on the youth front. Much less political action for the big scandal that is in everyone's eyes. The reasons why remain a mystery. Maybe they don't even understand what happened. If this is the case, then a simple explanation may help.

The Municipality of Tirana has de facto been a private corporation. So a public institution, which was administered with the aim of maximizing the private interests of its officials, who were in charge of public decision-making. This makes it the largest KPS in the Balkans.

Isn't that so?

The director of the municipal police, still in office, pursued and abused the villagers who sold their produce on the streets of the capital to monopolize the market. Then, with his private company, he obtained the relevant permits and public premises from the municipality of Tirana to rent them to farmers or merchants.

The administrator of the public company Tirana DC made the decision to demolish the buildings under the pretext of the earthquake, in order for his private company 5D to earn millions of euros from their demolition and reconstruction. Citizens living in the buildings demolished by 5D were taken out into the street. All other citizens paid out of pocket for the demolition tender and the cost of building new buildings.

This was a capillary system. Every day new facts are published in the media, which prove that almost every important leader in the Municipality of Tirana, and even the specialists, have a private company in the sector they cover.

And yet the new parties still do not understand. During these last weeks, for some of them the most important issue seems to be the imprisonment of Ilir Meta. One of the leaders of the new movements even explained why this was more important. According to him, Ilir Meta has stolen money for a long time and risks being charged with theft, so this issue should be kept in focus. This is no joke.

Albania is a funny country. Governed by ridiculous officials and has also produced many ridiculous oppositions. This of the ostrich is proof of several. Unfortunately. But here a clarification is needed. At least the ostrich sticks its head in the sand. In this case it is much worse. These have put him in a much more awkward place. Just so they don't see what happened.  

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