By Sali Berisha: "Shell", Rama and his Anatolian psychology

2024-04-15 17:14:00, Opinione Sali Berisha

By Sali Berisha: "Shell", Rama and his Anatolian psychology

Dear friends, these days the global company "Shell", after investing from 2011 to 2023, 600 million euros in search of oil and gas in the area of ??Shpirag, announced that it is withdrawing from the area. I am not stopping to comment on the decision of "Shell", but I wish that this giant company will return to Albania.

But here I will dwell on the old and unwashed model that Rama - Balluku used a few months ago to announce the imaginary success of "Shell" in Shpirag. So last summer, Rama and Balluku, just like Enveri and Beqiri decades ago, gave Sihariq their big deception for the Albanians: That of a big oil discovery in Shpirag, which would make Albania a rich country.

This wealth will impact pensions, the education system, health, the well-being of our children. They will be the biggest beneficiaries, because we will properly build a serious sovereign fund for the protection, guarantee and strengthening of sovereignty"

These statements of Ed and Belinda, of the Sihariq model, the deception of Hoxha and Balluk for the golden spoon of socialism, for the second liberation of the country with the construction of the Metallurgical Combine of Elbasan for the happiness of 5 year olds, etc., etc. the river took them.

 They demonstrate not only their ignorance as a government that can never become fraudulent mouthpieces for private companies, but their innate tendency to mislead and despise citizens for today's generations and those to come just like their forebears half a century ago. .

PS In 2011, "Shell" joined the company "Petromanos" and started drilling for oil at the foot of Shpiragiut, just 45 m away from a well abandoned by "Occidental Petroleum" after having invested there over 100 million dollars.

"Shell" completed the first drilling successfully in October 2013, found significant amounts of light oil at a depth of over 6000 m and continued with other drillings. But the complex results, perhaps the great depth and pressures made "Shell" decide to exploit these reserves.

To cover up their Rama-Balluku fraud, they released a new trick again today. And once again I wish that "Shell" again finds reasons to return to Albania. Albanians say the third truth!

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