Down with those who steal from you!

2024-04-08 20:08:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
Down with those who steal from you!
Ilir Levonja

Today the farmers of Lushnje filled the streets with pure milk. It is a noble protest, because for a long time, under the so-called Open Balkans, powdered milk and whey come from Serbia, therefore, many of them sold their cows and small cattle.

The reason is that the market is closer to profitability than local production, even though in the TV studio everyone talks about tradition, local and organic production, etc.

On the other hand, the programs for support from the government are lukewarm, to make matters worse, it only benefits if you vote for Edi Rama and his uneducated patrons or with fake diplomas. However, these are national dramas that require social solidarity, which has been sorely lacking in recent years in our Albania.

I mentioned it before, a social depravity has already taken place in terms of the national nerve, that is, when the teachers protest, no one joins them. Students protest, no one joins them. Scandals happen with billions of stolen values, no one is outraged, revolted or protested because none of the government officials are held accountable.

A mayor is arrested, even half of the administration, the thieves still win. The citizens happily agree and as if magically waiting for a heavenly hand to bring justice. But let's go a little further, European farmers protest, our farmers don't feel it.

They don't even have the minimum of favors from the farmers of Europe or even the region, they still don't stand up. Just know that one of the reasons that we do not enter Europe is also coherence, whether this is economic in relation to the European farmer, but also the collective indignation for injustice.

Let's go even further..., Lushnja today is totally destroyed administratively, without the Court, without the Prosecutor, without the Director of Education, they even told me that the hospitals and ambulances all depend on Fieri.

However, no one stood up when the institutions of justice, education, health service were merged. And to think that a country that produces for the whole of Albania and the region, is treated not as if it were a gold mine, but a swamp of deportations.

Today, the Albanian government pays a million euros to the world's powerful networks, allegedly for tourism. It is a whole propaganda policy because it has no primary effect on your pockets, even the few seasonal jobs that are created are part of a formal economy. After all, the south coast is already a dead apple for the Albanian citizen.

If 10% of these payments plus favorable policies for the farmer came to you, today the streets of Lushnja would not be bathed in milk, but it would fill the processing machines and refrigerators of the market.

However, let's hope that this protest will not end like that. Not only Lushnja but Albania in general is in a free fall towards social anarchy due to a failed regime. Therefore, it is imperative that farmers, intellectuals, educators, people, etc., do not make any pact with Edi Rama, make the pact between the Vedi. Down with those who steal from you!

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