McGonigal was not jailed until March 18, free until June 3

2024-04-09 16:14:00, Opinione Robert Papa
McGonigal was not jailed until March 18, free until June 3
Charles McGonigal, former senior FBI official

Charles McGonigal, according to the judge's decision, had to report to jail on March 18. Something happened. The judge in Washington DC has released him until June 3.

Judge Kotelli did not object to the motion for McGonigal to turn himself in on June 3 in jail.

The former FBI official cooperated with 7 heads of American Intelligence agencies. In a meeting of 7 hours. He is talking too much.

Of course, he also gave a lot of information about Edvin Rama.

The Albanian-American lawyer, Ylber Dauti, told "Fokus" that the bargain or agreement is normal. He cannot be convicted or investigated for what he has been convicted of once. Only if new information emerges, that is, not from the charge that was convicted, it is possible to investigate.

Congress and the Senate have asked to investigate his connections with Hunter Biden and "Rama's man", Ducka.

McGonigal was not jailed until March 18, free until June 3

Neza and Ducka were not involved in the first charges, but the FBI has not closed the investigation against them.

Rama wants to hide behind them, but he knows very well that there have been deep investigations against him.

Dan Fridman, the journalist of "Mother Jones", for "Focus" declares that " The Rama-McGonigal connection reeks of corruption ."

Of the 8,000 pages of the investigation file, the wiretapping of Rama is essential. The scandal of the initiation of investigations against Muzin started from Fuga's offices in the prime minister, causing a federal crime.

The stop at JFK for over an hour, but also the attack on the Washington Examiner for the connections of the Albanian government with Ecuadorian traffic, clearly shows that the deep file has been completed against Rama.

Rama's stunts by sending his oligarchs to mediate with Manhattan bankrupt Kushner have raised suspicions because they are on watch lists for ties to McGonigal.

The Americans know everything about the movements and transfers of millions by Rama and his people.

The game has just begun. McGonigal free until June 3 is a source of threat to the thieves of Tirana.

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