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Olta as the model of government nudists

2024-04-12 22:37:00, Opinione CNA
Olta as the model of government nudists
Olta Xha?ka

How is it possible that you are angry with Olta, for a statement that is one hundred percent, the social mentality of the party intellectual. Olta comes from that caste of nudists that we Albanians have publicly supported, regardless of the hysteria over honor, family, bloodshed, even worse, regardless of religious belief, lighted candles or hijab, etc., things for which we would kill today, although we have been animal gendarmes for a secular state, we have supported Olta with friends.

Without ever thinking that the man is a puppet or a piece of cotton, without a point of dignity, we are making him the prime minister. Olta's staff comes from the head of the government nudist, went out with his mother's spoils in the sun and created a bastion of Sorosian suffragettes where even to this day, the religious and civic-minded Albanian has no problem seeing him govern with his ex-wife, ex-sister-in-law , the first and second bachelor, or the husband of the first or third ex-wife, so confused that key positions have an origin, the nudist of the government.

Even when Olta says, don't let them come to us from the mountains, it is within the intimacy that the natural lodges of the leadership caste require for orgies within the species. Moreover, in our country, it has already become a tradition that even though it comes to power with the motto against the old capitalists, this makes theft, extortion, usurpation legal to create new capital. 

All government nudists, from 2013 onwards, are today a bastion with an economy almost four times stronger than their former predecessors, thanks to the atmosphere they have created, with your bright minds and anger against Berishë, Meta, Kryemadhi. It's even been almost a year that the Albanian spirit has been rolling over the dilemma of whether Argita is Berisha's successor or not? While you fight, curse, spit on each other, the nudist caste is having fun. Yet you hold a grudge.

It's an empty battle because Olta and the others are there with the mindset to rip you off, they are of the mindset that they have class and that the beaches of the sea, both in the south and in the north, regardless of ownership and inheritance, are their privilege. Albanians, especially those from the coast, were not at all impressed that the government escorts blocked the beaches so as not to spoil the comfort of the nudist governors, they voted for them with pleasure, and even fought with their husbands because of the patriotism between Rama and Greece.

Although the "patriots" have captured the arrogance of a national full-power that they can even take your wife out of bed, you still vote for them. You are killed, you have been killed so much among the people that this is why the nudists of the government use land, eat your heads, you continue to vote for them. Olta did nothing more, she spoke arrogantly like her former boss, with the right that I can do whatever I want with you, your property, your honor.

And why not, he is a high caste, he has capital, he has economic power, he has money. He makes purchases a hundred times cheaper than you, he doesn't hang out at counters like you, mortgages no, no, even the government itself gathers and tells him, enjoy the cork. You deal with those who have straw switches, spin the tires in the mud because (according to Olta) you deserve it, you are not good at it. It is Olta of Krpërate, not of dignity. Enjoy it!/ CNA

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