Is Ilir Meta crazy?

2024-04-18 10:29:00, Opinione Armand Shkullaku

Is Ilir Meta crazy?

The media landscape of the last few days has been flooded with headlines and comments on an issue which, from the space it has occupied, seems to be crucial for the fate of the country: Is Ilir Meta crazy or not? If you follow the debates, analyzes and frenetic news about the "Meta phenomenon", the impression is created that in this country, where everything goes well and everyone enjoys complete mental health, the danger that can unbalance society comes from the stupidity of an individual .

The dilemma of whether Ilir Meta is crazy or not, is not raised today for the first time. It comes as a need to cover up the real madness, in front of which society has remained numb and powerless to react. Before the 2021 elections, the "defection" of President Meta was again the headline of the propaganda to shout the madness of the majority in relation to the law and the constitution. In the face of crazy acts of power, the problem should not have been said, but the atypical reaction of the president.

Could he behave like a Scandinavian president, Ilir Meta, when the majority kidnapped the member of the Constitutional Court on Saturday for the sun and took her to swear to a notary on the bridge of Lana? How could the president behave when his decrees, not only were not implemented, but were not even published in the official gazette? What should he do, when a political agreement was torn and the electoral law was sewn to order by Rama, contrary to the recommendations of ODHIR and the Venice Commission? Should he have raised his voice, when numerous evidences and testimonies proved the electoral massacre that was being prepared by the regime, while the latter drafted the request for the dismissal of the President?

In the entire propaganda circus of psychoanalysis for Ilir Meta, there was and is only one goal. His reactions, strong and often broken, should not be treated as a consequence of the terrifying madness of power, but as an anomaly of an individual who explodes without cause. Sometimes treating him as sick and paranoid, sometimes as a stage personality and sometimes as unbalanced by the fear of justice, Meta's behavior has been taken to the extreme to make him swallow the madness of power as normal.

The abuse of power, scandals and mass thefts, violations of the Constitution and the rights of the opposition, the use of the media and new justice, the criminalization of the economy and the electoral fraud, in terms of their proportions, would be mind- boggling to any person and any normal society.

The majority decides who should be the country's opposition. Over half a million Albanians are deprived of the right to be represented by those they have chosen by voting. The Parliament is placed over the Constitutional Court and the constitutional rights that belong to the minority. The highest officials are caught stealing and no one takes at least moral responsibility. The new justice reaches the former prime minister for acts of 15 years ago and does not dare to interrogate and mention the name of a mayor who allows tens of millions of euros to go to the company of his directors. Masons, electricians, bakers and bakers are used to extort public money and those who are responsible for the administration of this public money, without blushing or turning yellow, wash their hands saying that it is none of their business who eats pears and apples behind their backs.

Is there any greater madness than this?

Ilir Meta has on his back full of sins of abuse of power when he had the mandate to exercise it. His actions are both the costs he is paying personally and the political force he leads. Those sins that were sometimes committed by Sali Berisha and sometimes by Edi Rama, when he needed LSI numbers, remain in Ilir Meta's mortgage. But they are by no means an alibi for the catastrophe that the Renaissance produced. It becomes all the more ridiculous when this catastrophe is tried to be covered by Ilir Meta's madness.

Ilir Meta may have gone mad, but that does not save us from the madness of a regime that has no limits to stop it. Better one screaming fool than hundreds of thousands of others who agree to be ruled by the folly of a power. The finger should not be pointed at Ilir Meta, but those who have turned the country into madness from where everyone wants to escape.

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