Real genocide is done to Albanian voters by the constitutional changes of 2008

2024-04-17 16:49:00, Opinione Besim Ndregjoni

Real genocide is done to Albanian voters by the constitutional changes of 2008

"A democracy without values," he wrote in the Encyclical Centesimus Annus, can easily turn into an open or hidden totalitarianism, as the 34-year history of Albanian pluralism is showing us!

We still suffer the lingering shadows of the Stalinist criminal system that stunned our minds." This is what Sami Repishti wrote a few years ago in the "Panorama" newspaper, one of those who himself suffered for 10 years the Albanian hell of the dictatorship, but who never stopped asking the Albanian society to dare to look away from the past under the dictatorship to read it in all her great shock.

During these 34 years, Albanian politics, continuing communism, has violated and denigrated three main and inviolable pillars of democracy.

They are: 1. Human rights and freedoms, especially in the field of the constitutional right of the politically persecuted and  in international acts for the punishment of terror caused by the dictatorship. 2. Property, the legal owner. 3. Free vote.

The mission of free voting is an unavoidable responsibility for the world we live in. Here is the hope for a life that is not slavery. With the free vote, we all stand tall and win the moral battle, the hope for all those who seek freedom, without allowing the common victory to turn into our individual tragedies, as in communism. Today, Albanians are burning for freedom and democracy.

Albanians are sure that, if the present is in the hands of the politicians, the oligarchs of the pseudo-power in Albania, the future belongs to freedom and democracy. The Democratic Party that took over in the 90s to bring freedom, democracy and make Albania like Europe, did not successfully carry out this great national mission that the post-communist society needed, but plunged into the communist ideology for power, ignoring the basic principles of construction of democracy. Albanian democracy was hit from its birth by this ruling political class, by the non-punishment of the crimes of the dictatorship, the Party that had committed macabre crimes was not only not punished by law but became a co-leader in pluralism and used the ideology of lies, the ideology of deception of denigration against the democratic system that had just been born.

This political force has been protecting its ancestors for three decades, the executioners who committed crimes in violation of human rights and freedoms, and its mission was to seize power by violence, as happened with the 97 revolution, where through criminal gangs it took the so-called "Vote" power thanks to the approval of the leadership of the so-called Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party came as a populist movement with communist slogans and dogma and did not build its philosophy with a conservative program, which was needed by the society traumatized by the Enverist dictatorial genocide. He used the Bolshevik slogan "Down with communism" and did not condemn the crimes of communism, and continues to not condemn them even today after 34 years of political pluralism. He joined the silence of not condemning the crimes of communism committed by the Labor Party that defended itself in democracy by changing its name to the Socialist Party.

In 1997, after taking power, the Socialist Party quietly continued its rule, violating the free vote, alienating legal property, violating the rights and freedoms of the politically persecuted, and turning state institutions into the service of its power.

The Constitutional Court of 1997 was filled with Judges and Prosecutors of the dictatorship who had committed crimes, and gave power to the SP in 2001 with the decisions of Femi Avdi, the former Communism Judge who hanged the Albanian Haveli Havzi Nela on the rope, and this
court gave majority mandates to MPs in favor of SP without asking for votes.

Its mission was to violate the institution of free voting. And the vote of the Albanians has been denigrated for 34 years and every election party repeats that we are regulating it by law, and they have politicized it in that barbaric way, only the vote should not serve the citizens but the power of the two political forces.

In 2005, the government changed, not thanks to the free vote of the citizens, but to secret agreements between the two political forces, SP and PD. The second blow that gave the Free Vote of the Albanians was the agreement of 2008, which in terms of legal dimensions is equal to the constitution of the year 1976 of the dictator Hoxha, this agreement changed the free vote not in the service of the voting people and political competition but at the service of the Party Chairman, destroying pluralism and turning the Party Chairman into a dictator who takes all the powers and uses them to maintain his absolute rule.

We are the only nation in Europe that does not allow free voting and does not allow competition and we have a ruling politician of three decades denying freedom to Albanians, this political class has no difference with the dictatorship. The first political leaders in 90, the first in 2024.

The 2008 agreement was taken from the Spanish system, a monarchist system that had no legal basis with the republican parliamentary system as trumpeted by these parties in Albania. In their public declarations, the leaders of these parties hate the monarchist system, but they take the electoral code from the monarchy, this is the "democracy" that these party leaders serve us. 

The vote is the citizen's conscience and no political institution, with or without power, has the right to alienate it. Why is the free vote not allowed to go where the citizen wants to vote? There is no end to the whys of this kind of communist alla democracy. 

Free vote is the soul of democracy. Any deformity of hers leads her to certain death. Albanian democracy is today in a constant languor, it is suffering the consequences of this phenomenon that is recycled from time to time by those who want power for money, money for power.

This political class is spreading its cancerous metastases more and more every day in the lives of Albanians, turning into a killer of hopes and a guillotine of dreams for them. Today, Albanians are a people on the run, where only the impossibility to leave this country has replaced the former clone of the dictatorship. Albanian society must make Albanian politics responsible for the miserable situation in which Albanians find themselves today.

Albanians today painfully experience a death forever in their homeland, which has turned into a giant cemetery for everyone who is honest and fair, and a paradise for every villain, bandit, thief and criminal.

Today we have turned into a powerless people from a forced inability to change this situation we are in, from the continuous deformation of the vote and from the iron frameworks that the system has created in determining it. This election system became a favorable ground for the birth, vegetation and luxuriance of power, which today is lost without a god, redeemed in the Sahara desert of Albanian politics.

"A catastrophe, a mass massacre, a real genocide is happening to the Albanian voters. These politicians who think only to get the mandate of the deputy and not to build the democracy for which the Albanians suffered for 50 years.. The political crap that reared its head after that the shameful collapse of communism is a serious wound. Albania deserves more than
the removal of the "chair" in power, and the benefit of corruption. Albania deserves a free country, free from fear, especially government fear. free from hunger, unemployment and poverty... Albania deserves an open, transparent and respectful political system for every free citizen.

Albania deserves to be respected by the outside world. Albania deserves this respect because it has paid the duty that you put on its shoulders, a wild history that was imposed on the Albanians without their consent. Albania deserves a happy and promising future because it has shed its blood as a river for freedom, property and free votes.

Gentlemen, Albania needs free votes, pluralism, freedom of competition and absolutely no deputies who do not condemn crime and do not allow the people to vote freely. History will condemn you if you deny the vote to the citizen. Abort the 2008 agreement and return pluralism and competition to the Albanians. This is not the Albania we fought for
. This is not the democratic Albania, the Albania of the free citizen for which we have dreamed "Don't forget, because oblivion is our second death. Do not deny us the free vote, because justice will punish you, Mr. Deputies!!" /CNA 

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