Crazy time and advisor to world leaders

2024-04-19 20:57:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja

Crazy time and advisor to world leaders

Has Ilir Meta, Edi Rama, or the Albanians themselves gone mad? This is the index that must be discovered, since the game is so badly rigged that the burden basically falls on the Albanians. At the time of the acrobatics of Ilir Metes, former prime minister whom the Albanians did not make, former president, whom the Albanians did not vote for, etc., Edi Rama declared in Paris, sitting with a charter with the Turkish flag, that world leaders consulted with of the matter of the universe.

Now to think that in this terribly delicate time where a third world war is alluded to, Albania a country totally without an army, where strategic investments are considered coastal resorts for the strain of the party in power, and there is such a pumpkin strain for prime minister, it is painful nervous. So world leaders consult with Edi Rama on how to achieve peace in the Middle East, how to end the conflict in Ukraine, and even how to end the civil war in South American countries, where armed gang movements are destroying Ecuador , Honduras, Haiti.

And even further, the wild Africa which the showbiz Albanians have turned into a hobby of their tourist inclination. A country with a scandalous GDP and a bizarre democracy, where the entire budget is totally accumulated around these names, is today also under the pressure of the embassies, where despite the public hanging of democracy, they tell this crazy trio, go on, keep going , we do not accept violent protests.

Although they did not have this standard when Edi Rama's police threw tear gas on the democrats during the pandemic. However, they are right since it seems normal to Albanians, the fact that Edi Rama sits on a charter with the Turkish flag, Rama's statements when he says that he is in Paris to consult world leaders seem normal. They are delighted when Ilir Meta says that he will become president again, but after 20 years.

To think that in 2044 you will have a new Prime Minister Edi Rama and President Ilir Meta, never be Albania. After all, we cannot call it democracy. Democracy is something else. Apparently, Albanians cannot live without these names, including the energies lost at the door of a town hall, regardless of the ideator being the madman who advises world leaders. Add on the other hand the fact of our old fashioned education, that I serve my leader because he once did me a favor, despite the fact that he is trampling with both feet all the elementary norms of democracy, etc., we have a complete stagnation where only Albania no longer exists. This in terms of democracy.

But we have simply a republic of madmen who never measure time, cycle, rotation..., but with the strong support of the third madmen, the demos, or the people, who have accepted and revived a fierce class war point for point like that of Enver Hoxha. So who is crazy among these individuals? Or are we all, whoever we are, with left or right views, we are nothing but intellectuals.

Whether we have diplomas or titles, we are not alone with the motherland. We are some sorcerer lances who don't even have a shred of conscience to say enough, open your arms, run away. We have turned into cattle that we all have a rope around our necks, write and say so, share it, like as much as you can, pay the other person's arrears of energy bills to vote for you. When will Albania be saved then? When the demos, the people rise up, regardless of belief, beliefs, ideas, break the barriers and customs between the Albanian world, because otherwise, we will never have to do it./ CNA

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