The broken calm of the internationals

2024-04-22 16:10:00, Opinione Luçiano Boçi
The broken calm of the internationals
Luciano Boçi, vice-president of the DP

Albania remains a country that offers many curiosities for foreigners. Its exoticism is a mixture of beaches, mountains, seasons, spectacular luxury, narco-trafficking, free corruption, bandit government, society with few rules and many taboos. Low-cost travelers who visit dream of the next adventure without benefiting in the end, except for a delicious meal. The natives in most of them are caught up in the battle with life and only a part manages to experience its value. Those who really touch its taste are those famous INTERNATIONALS, the various officials who come in different positions.

Initially skeptical and distant, very quickly they overcome all their expectations. With its lame political sovereignty, Albania offers him an admirable power. And our internationals, these supposedly "cerbers of democracy" do not hesitate to maximize it, becoming prominent actors and influencers. 

Meanwhile, the country's governors, in their judgment complex, do everything, starting from licking and revealing their whims to harmonizing interests, in order to win their sympathy and support. The international paradise is not enough. The political spark has other annexes that really give them the conviction to stay as long as possible. Affiliation with the government is complete and their satisfaction and peace is just that.

Even the latter becomes even more important than the continuity of power itself. For this reason, many of them do everything political and non-political to preserve it. The most frightening evidence is related to their attitudes towards the country's opposition, which seeks to break the false peace and this is worrying for them. 

Even almost starting from this, they see it as a nuisance to their exotic tranquility that they experience. The lack of proper reaction to the events in the parliament, to the arbitrary actions of SPAK in imprisoning the leader of the opposition, the spectacular lack of reaction to government corruption, as opposed to the absurd reaction to the actions of the opposition, are clear evidence of an attempt to maintain in Albania a detente that is more that politics has nuances and preferences of lobbies and agendas beyond democracy.

The rush to label the Democratic Party's reactions to corruption as violent has made them simultaneously ridiculous in the eyes of public opinion and has demonstrated them as powerless to play their specific role under the diplomatic skin. But more than powerless they have become parties in many similar situations being used or self-used as a dog of war against the opposition and as a fire extinguisher for the fire of its protests which are a democratic necessity.

Many of them keep silent about the legal status of the Democratic Party, close their eyes and ears to the huge corrupt affairs and election corruption and calmly accept the progressive dismantling of democracy in the name of stabilocracy. Because for them, that exotic tranquility has always prevailed, which seems to them like economic development and democratic performance, but which is a decay that is being preserved as a cultural monument by them. When calm falls they will see the fortune they have made. Perhaps better late than never for them and their real mission which has nothing to do with peace but democracy.

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