Record temperatures / Scientists raise the alarm: Corals are bleaching at the bottom of the ocean

2024-04-15 18:39:00, Kuriozitete CNA

Record temperatures / Scientists raise the alarm: Corals are bleaching at the

Corals around the world are bleaching and even "dying" as record high temperatures destroy the ocean floor.

The heat has brought massive coral bleaching, according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Bleaching occurs when corals are stressed the water they live in is too hot.

Coral supports ocean life, fisheries and generates trillions of dollars in revenue each year.

Ocean heat records show that this episode is affecting marine life.

Bleached coral may look beautiful in photos, but scientists who dive to examine reefs say that up close the coral is visibly diseased and decaying. Scientists in the US, Australia, Kenya and Brazil told BBC News of feeling concerned and even angry as they watched the coral they love threatened or killed by warming oceans.

The first warning signs were in the Caribbean last year when divers discovered that the water off the coast of Florida was hot.

That heat moved into the southern hemisphere. It has now affected more than half of the world's corals, including on Australia's Great Barrier Reef and coastlines in Tanzania, Mauritius, Brazil, the Pacific Islands, as well as the Red Sea and Persian Gulf. Last August the average global ocean temperature broke its all-time record and has been above average almost every day since.

Climate change is raising sea surface temperatures as warming gases emitted when we burn oil, coal and gas are absorbed by the oceans.

El Niño, a natural climate event, has also contributed to the warmer temperatures since last June, although there are signs that it is now weakening./ CNA

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