The couple of businessmen get divorced/ The wife leaves the husband without a "kacidhe", he denounces him for treason and tax evasion

2023-11-29 20:10:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

The couple of businessmen get divorced/ The wife leaves the husband without a

A "war" has broken out between two businessmen in Greece, who are in the process of divorce after 10 years of marriage.

The Greek businessmen, who have two children together, have clashed over wealth.

The ex-husband accuses his ex-wife of treason and systematic tax evasion.

"Now I understand why you put 3 safes in the house, while I told you that all the money we withdraw must go to the bank. Naturally, this money was "black". You hid them at home, while also keeping duplicate books," he told his ex-wife.

In the court file, the ex-husband talks about a "pharaonic fortune", worth millions of euros.

He even denounced the former partner in the Independent Authority for "black" money, claiming that she systematically avoids taxes.

It also shows that the ex-wife offered him 100 thousand euros in cash to buy his silence, which he did not accept.

"You offered me 100,000 euros in cash to settle our disputes in an illegal and non-transparent manner and I did not accept it. Your wealth has not only increased but multiplied during our marriage thanks to my contribution. Whatever you earned during our marriage, you owe me half", he told his ex-wife.

"I have been forced to return to my paternal home and live with my elderly parents. I can't even cover basic expenses and I risk leaving our children", the Greek stated, among other things.

Meanwhile, the businessman's lawyer has told the media that his client has been completely cut off from communication with the children, as well as his access to any assets.

The businessmen own clothing and jewelry stores in Athens, Paros and Mykonos, which officially have a turnover of up to 2 million euros./ CNA

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