Pope Francis will expel the American critic from the Vatican

2023-11-29 19:30:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Pope Francis will expel the American critic from the Vatican
American Cardinal Raymond Burke has been a leader in the Catholic Church for decades

Pope Francis will kick American Cardinal Raymond Burke, an outspoken critic, out of his Vatican apartment and cut his salary.

Cardinal Burke is part of a group of American conservatives who have long opposed the Pope's plans to reform the Catholic Church.

A Vatican source told the BBC that Pope Francis has not yet carried out his intention to excommunicate the 75-year-old.

And the decision is not intended as a personal punishment, the source added.

Instead, it comes from the belief that a person should not enjoy privileges while criticizing the head of the church.

Still, the move is "unprecedented in the Francis era," Christopher White, a Vatican watcher writing for the National Catholic Reporter, told the BBC.

White warned that the decision could "provoke significant reactions" and deepen divisions between the Vatican and the American church, where there is already "fragmentation".

The pope revealed his plan to act against the cardinal in a meeting with Vatican office chiefs last week./ CNA

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